New Magazine Targets Youthful Audience

By BASN Wire Services
Updated: May 8, 2008

NEW YORK Double Dutch, a new urban magazine, inspires teen girls to be confident and have fun!

Double Dutch is a digital magazine for multicultural, teen girls ages 12-17. Double Dutch is a magazine created for girls who live in urban communities or follow urban trends.

Double Dutchhas the same format of a print magazine, but can be viewed online. It is a New York City-based magazine that is published on a quarterly basis (four times per year).

The mission of Double Dutch is to elevate teens’ self-esteem with examples of how celebrities, executives and entrepreneurs overcame challenges in order to ‘jumpstart’ their careers and personal lives. The magazine discusses education, health, fitness, beauty, entertainment and fashion with a hip-hop flavor.

As a digital magazine, Double Dutch will include exciting, interactive features like video and music clips. Readers can also forward the magazine to friends, search articles by topic, add sticky notes to pages, and download for future reading.

Today’s tech-savvy teens enjoy having immediate access to information. Therefore, the magazine provides direct links to websites and email addresses for further information on products and services.

The goal of Double Dutch is to be the source for girls to navigate through their teen years with courage. Double Dutch will also celebrate differences in culture, body image, etc., with open dialogue among teen girls.

Jen Threat, editor and publisher, explains why there is a strong need in the market for Double Dutch magazine, “There are few magazines that target urban girls. These girls are smart, talented and beautiful. Some girls may not have people in their lives to tell them how fabulous they are. Double Dutch will be the platform to help them make their dreams a reality.”

Readers can view the first issue online at

The second issue of Double Dutch magazine can be viewed by registering for free through the following link: /doubledutch/issue2/index.php

Once readers have registered, the magazine will be delivered to their e-mail boxes.