Move Over Ryan Howard Here Come Justin Upton

Updated: May 4, 2008


While Ryan Howard is being praised as the Great Black Hope of Baseball sneaking up behind him may be far younger Justin Upton In “dog years” as measured in Sports the 8 years that separate 28 year OLD Howard and mere 20 year old Upton is huge. Justin is a regular starter on the Arizona DiamondBacks at his tender age while Howard was kept smoldering in the Minors by the Philadelphia Phillies until he was 25. Ages aside there is already enough evidence that for the next decade it may be a very exciting battle between Howard and Upton for Black Supremacy.

Bring on this Battle it can only be very good for bringing more African Americans to Baseball Here is an example to make the Point. Back on April 5th Ryan Howard blasted a HomeRun that traveled 462 ft. while on the same day Justin Upton blasted One for 466 ft.. More comparison. In his first full season in the Majors so far Upton is batting .346 with 5 HRs and 16 RBIs in 30 games with 111 At Bats out in Arizona.

Back East in Philadelphia Ryan Howard is batting .167 with 6 HRs and 14 RBis in 32 games with 114 At Bats. As the season progresses Howard is likely to improve his average getting closer toward his career BA of .282. Although Upton is more than likely maintain a better Batting Average because he is far speedier on the Base Paths still far more to the point they are both likely to be competitive and near the top in the Majors in HomeRuns and Runs Batted In year after year for years to come.

Much has been written about Ryan Howard and deservedly so and he is already a Star if not quite a SuperStar yet but clearly headed in that direction. As for Justin Upton he has barely begun to get any kind of attention. Not that he is an unknown quantity. Justin was the number one draw in the 2005 Baseball Draft and has been considered a Sports Prodigy and not only in Baseball since his high school days.

Justin is a PERFECT example of a Black athlete who could easily have made Football his choice but SMARTLY chose Baseball instead. He is unlikely to regret the Choice. He can expect to have a longer career. Less likely to suffer serious injury. Should make far more money for himself. And will enjoy far more bucolic playing conditions.

Ryan Howard and Justin Upton are two exceptional reasons WHY young African Americans with good athletic talents should consider making Baseball their First Choice GOOD for them GOOD for all POSTSCRIPT Looks like Barack Obama does in fact get good advice on picking horses (unlike us). His aptly named Kentucky Derby choice Big Brown won going away lengths ahead of the second place finisher the only filly in the race Eight Belle.

Eight Belle was Hillary’s choice to win the Derby.

Instead sadly Eight Belle had to be DESTROYED after the race after suffering a fatal injury. Don’t worry Hillary you’ll do better you’ll get to go back to Washington even if as a loser and continue to make the Big Bucks along with your man Bubba.