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Updated: May 17, 2008




we live in welcome to

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Courtesy once again of the NCAA and the NBA. Try to find TWO Bigger A _ _ H _ _ _s that Myles Brand and David Stern. Good Luck ! Two of the richest most powerful Phonies in Sports today. God save us from the Lunatic Center. To what do we owe this Outburst ? The developing “case” of O.J. Mayo.

Seems you are going to be hearing a lot about Young Mr. Mayo for a while if you follow Sports closely. It is the same Old Story with the same cast of characters except the role of the Fall Guy the almost always Black athlete keeps changing. Now it is Basketball Wunderkind Mayo’s turn to be accused of breaking NCAA rules taking gifts and cash.

Taking gifts and cash as he is FORCED TO PLAY FOR FREE so that Myles Brand, David Stern and a large host of Supercrites ( new word invented here now …. someone who is worse than a normal hypocrite ) who grow rich off the FREE labor of college athletes.

In its own way it as of two years ago become even more absurd in Basketball than Football in a curious sort of way. While football players have long been required to suffer three years of college ball before they can turn pro – only recently has the >NCAA and NBA agreed on a requirement that outstanding High School Hoopsters must play all of ONE year of college ball before they can qualify for the NBA Draft.

So we have the situation where an increasing number of these high school students are enrolling in college in colleges that are begging them to attend and play Basketball both with NO intend of these athletes even remotely going on to get a college degree.

Both the players and the college are HAPPY correction these SUPERCRITE Colleges that supposedly exist for one purpose to educate young men and women with the intent that each of them complete the curriculum and GRADUATE with a degree are HAPPY indeed elated to get these premier players for ONE year hoping to win the NCAA Championship.

Let’s get down to Basics

The fact is in a NORMAL world these leading American universities would LOSE their accreditation meaning they could no longer legitimately operate as colleges nor present students degrees – for not only knowingly but very specifically enrolling young men they have NO intention of educating let alone issuing degrees. Enrolling “students” (sic) whose only purpose is top play one year of College Basketball before turning Pro.

Notice we are focusing not at all on OJ Mayo’s supposed violations. WHY. Because they are not the issue at all. They are a meaningless diversion from the REAL Story. The complete CORRUPTION of American Sports specifically Football and Basketball to feed the mega- BUSINESS of College Sports while in tandem providing the NFL and the NBA “FREE” minor leagues which pre-qualify players for them.

Here is the Point …..

Not that we have not made it again and again and again over the years here in the Box. There is NO good reason none at all why college players are prevented from getting compensation. Even more on top of that NO reason why an athlete should be FORCED to play college ball before he ( or she ) in just TWO Sports can turn Pro and support themselves with their Talent. We must bring in the U.S. Supreme Court at this stage. Another group of SUPERCRITES who legitimize this Crap this UNConstitutional abuse.

The only FUN part of this Story

is the NBA Draft next week

watch Brand and Stern

SQUIRM what are

they to do about

OJ Mayo keep

him out of the

Draft NO way

investigate him

hound him when

all he’s done is

what they all do

ALL the time

make $$$$$

from Sports

some MAYO

Myles Brand and

how about you

David Stern or

are you both



Brand and Stern