Hatton Wins His Comeback

By Tom Donelson
Updated: May 28, 2008

GlovesIOWA CITY, Ia. — Ricky Hatton’s most recent fight has shown that boxing is still alive as 55,000 showed for the Hatton-Juan Lazcano bout. He took on a world class fighter as his first comeback fight after his lost to Floyd Mayweather.

A fighter with Hatton’s style often have short career and his face after the fight showed that his defense appears to be blocking punches with his head.

This was one of those action fights with both fighters nailing each others from the very beginning but Hatton’s age and body shots proved decisive from the opening stanza.

Lazcano showed his typical courage as he stood up to the Hatton’s beating and hurt him in the eighth and 10th round. The eighth round was a typical Hatton fight as he got nailed by a Lazcano’s accurate head shot.

After the fight, Hatton’s face was swollen; leaving some to question whether he’s closer to the end of his career, while Lazcano took a beating that may have ended his career as a top flight contender.

Team Hatton now find themselves with new options as their man is still the king of the junior welterweight. The next big fight could be with Paul “Magic Man” Malinaggi. Malinaggi was facing a rematch with Lovemore N’ dou, a fighter he easily outpointed in their first match.

Malinaggi entered the match with the idea of irritating the pro-Hatton crowd as he played up his colorful image that included walking in the ring with dregs that needed to cut off in the middle of the fight. In the opening round, Malinaggi’s dreg often got in his eyes and covered up N’dou’s right.

After losing the first round, the next four round were mere repeats of the first bout as Malinaggi simply outboxed N’dou but in the sixth, a N’dou’s right nailed Malinaggi and shook the loquacious New Yorker.

From this point, Malinaggi found himself in survival mode as N’dou tried to walk his opponent down. After losing too many rounds in the early rounds, N’dou couldn’t make up the ground in the later rounds as Malinaggi showed the guts that he showed in defeat with Cotto.

The initial response of this fight was to remark, how lucky Hatton was to have Malinaggi as his next opponent. Malinaggi often looked unfocused and vulnerable to N’dou straight rights and left hooks. Malinaggi took this fight less seriously and nearly saw a big pay day erased as while escaping with a split decision victory.

While Malinaggi won the fight, it was a much closer fight than the first bout and much closer than what it should have been. Before the fight, he spent two weeks in Sicily training and many in Malinaggi’s camp felt that he was not ready for this fight.

Hatton would be the overwhelming favorite but as Malinaggi showed against Cotto, he can take a punch and as he showed in the first N’dou , he can out boxed any fighter in his division. His biggest weakness has always been lack of power compared to other elites.

His punches do have underestimated pop but he is not who will knock out his opponent with one punch and his boxing style often deflect from his power. He rarely sits down on his punches and his bouts tend to go the distance.

Hatton is a attacking fighter, who is quicker than appears. In his fight with Mayweather, he did show the ability to reach the great pound for pound in the early rounds but by the later rounds, Mayweather skill prevailed.

Hatton and Malinaggi would be an exciting with the boxer playing matador to the English bull.