Forbes Goes For One Last Chance

By Tom Donelson
Updated: May 1, 2008

IOWA CITY, Ia. — Steve Forbes’ job is to be the opponent and merely put on a good show before losing to Oscar De La Hoya. Forbes was picked as De La Hoya’s opponent for two reasons.

Forbes is a cute boxer-puncher similar to Floyd Mayweather (of course, not as good.)The second reason is that there are very few reasons for Forbes should be able to beat De La Hoya.

Forbes is a former world champion and a good fighter but he is not a great fighter and in match ups of good fighters versus great fighters, rarely does the good fighter beat the great fighter.

Forbes last two fights was against Francisco Bojado and before that, Demetrius Hopkins, in which he lost a close decision.He won the silver medal in the Contender series against Grady Brewer.

In the Contender Series, Forbes showed his mettle as he used his boxing skills to get in the championship bout.Throughout the series, he was the smaller fighter, a fighter who started his career as a junior lightweight before finding himself in the Welterweight division.

For Oscar De La Hoya, this is his last crusade.De La Hoya felt that he won his battle against Floyd Mayweather in a close fight that most observers felt that Mayweather squeaked out.

Forbes is a dress rehearsal for Mayweather-De La Hoya II.

For De La Hoya, he wants one more great moment before he rides into the sunset and begins his second career as a businessman.For many years, he’s been a businessman who fights, occasionally coming out for a big money fight in between major Golden Boy Promotions.

De La Hoya, in his heart, is a fighter but he also close to the end of his career.

He’s been a big PPV money fighter and the question also exists what happens when De La Hoya is no longer a PPV fighter.The answer may be that Oscar will simply retire.

With a fat bank account, he doesn’t need the money and certainly, there is no need to get one brains beat out for a six or five figure pay day.While most fighters will be happy for a six or even five figure pay day; Oscar De La Hoya has a backup plan- his own promotional company.

De La Hoya is as busy promoting big PPV event as he is in fighting in them.With a stable of super stars, Oscar can earn big dollars as a promoter. He doesn’t need to be inside the ring.

What drives him is what drives many great fighters at the end of their career, their legacy.De La Hoya would love to be the man who gives Mayweather his first lost and he came close the last time.

The last remaining obstacle to the second Mayweather fight is Steve Forbes.Nor is Forbes preparing to lie down for this is his last big chance.Forbes used the Contender Series to jump start his career and while he did not win the series, he did win fans over with his style and guts.

The last time Oscar De La Hoya faced a similar scenario a few years back when he was preparing for his match with Hopkins. He fought the unknown Felix Sturm and nearly lost to the German Middleweight; nearly forfeiting a big PPV pay day.

Forbes is hoping that Oscar De La Hoya overlooks him and he can pull off the big upset.Both fighters have much at stake.Win and Oscar gets one more legacy fight. For Forbes, this may be his last big shot at a championship.