Costa Ricans Improve On Day Two

By BASN Wire Services
Updated: May 27, 2008

FRANCE — In the second day of competition in the city of Hossegor, France, the Costa Rica National Junior Surf Team improved its results in the 2008 Quiksilver International Surfing Association (ISA) World Junior Surfing Championship (WJSC).

With its strongest results coming from the women who hit the water, the Ticos added important points to their sum when three females of the highest caliber — Nataly Bernold, Anastasia Patterson and Lupe Galluccio — advanced without too much trouble.

Surfer Debbie Zec, however, will continue her participation in the WJSC via the repercharge rounds after facing a difficult heat with Peruvian Valeria Solé — who happens to be a Champion of Latin American — and the well known Australian Tyler Wright — who bested the field by 15.50 points.

Costa Rica’s National Junior Women’s Champion Bernold demonstrated why she is known as a “contest machine.” With a score of 8.37, she earned first place — the first of the Ticos to do so after 14 heats! She beat the Peruvian Alexia Jeri who came in 2nd, and the Australian Tiana McNeven, who surfed to third.

Galluccio also advanced with a second place win behind first place Kirstie Woods, and in front of Chilean Maria Ignacia Corral in her second WJSC presentation.

Finally, the Limonese Patterson, at all of 15 years of age, managed to classify to the next primary round of competition in her first international experience with a nice second place finish behind top winner Diana de Souza of Brazil.

On Wednesday, Ticas Bernold, Galluccio and Patterson will be in Heats number 5, 10 and 12 in Round 2, while Zec, will be in Heat 3 of the first round of repercharge.

According to Christophe Commarieu, manager of the Federcion de Surf de Costa (FSC), traveling with the team in France, this showing by the Costa Rican females is a tremendous indication of their athletic ability because the level of the other country’s Junior Women’s surfing skills are very high and renowned.

In the Juniors category today, Jairo Pérez maintained his focus and contributed another very solid performance, one that allowed him to advance to the following round with a second place finish and a score of 11.77, surpassed only by the United States’ Nat Young with 14.73.

Danny Bishko, on the other hand, was not effective in his ordinary round, and this time fell to repercharge. After a good combination of maneuvers on two good waves, he was disabled after both Dillon Perillo of the United States at first and Nicolaus Von Rupp of Germany at second managed to surf better and surpass him pointwise.

This leaves Pérez the only tricolor male surfer in the primary rounds, and that, according to Commarieu, is a good thing because he is the highest-level surfer for the team.

The members of the Costa Rica National Junior Surf Team who are Less than 16 years of age did not participate in the WJSC because they are all in the repercharge Rounds and those heats are scheduled for Wednesday morning.

These include Carlos Muñoz, Anthony Fillingim, Mykol Torres and Jose Calderón.