BASN Classic Blackbox: Plea Bargain Free Advice For Barry Bonds

Updated: May 15, 2008

A BASN Classic BlackBox Originally Published: November 20, 2007 Plea BARGAIN FREE ADVICE FOR BARRY


Who doesn’t like

a GOOD Bargain

It’s an interesting term once you think about it plea BARGAIN-ing. When it works well the plaintiff gets a real BARGAIN meaning far less punishment than they might have received without getting a BARGAIN. By definition we all like to get BARGAINS whether we’re buying an appliance or buying our way out of Jail.

So you know where this is going

There is as much chance of Barry Bonds going to Trial as there was that Michael Vick would. >From that perspective both situations are very similar. Vick talked defiantly of going to Court and proving his innocence. Expect even more volume from Barry and his lawyers. In fact they have already.

Here’s the problem and

why you always get

the best information

in the Box

First of all anyone not in complete DENIAL – and there are some of you out there some even write for BASN – anyone not in DENIAL knows as Barry and his attorneys do that Barry took Steroids. Plenty of Steroids.

The amount of Steroids you need to take to go from 180 lbs. to 240 lbs in a year and look like the Hulk. So the Truth is not going to save Barry. But still there is the OJ Theory. Under the right circumstances you can beat anything even a Double Murder.

But here’s the problem

even if Barry wants

to go for Broke

If there is a Trial there will be WITNESSES lots and lots of WITNESSES who the Feds will call. All kinds of WITNESSES who will testify to all kinds of aspects of Barry’s life and his personality.

And of course the Feds have a quintessential Star Witness.

YES Barry’s former girl friend who will not only testify that Barry told her he took Steroids and not only will she have very first hand evidence of the effects on his body.

But as bad as that is

showcasing MARRIED

“family man” Barry Bonds

former GIRL friend

Will totally undermine whatever little public sympathy Barry had to begin with. So it will be Steroids with a very big dose of Hypocrisy and Betrayal. Then there will be all the circumstantial stuff that will creep into the media frenzy old news made NEW again about how aloof even arrogant Barry was in the locker room and with his “teammates.” How he treated everyone sort of like Dirt until of course he began spinning his image.

The point is this

fair or not

A Celebrity Trial and this would be a CELEBRITY Trial of the Highest Order will lead to a Media Frenzy and Barry under a very dirty microscope day after day after day and this is even IF he deluded himself into thinking he can beat the Steroid Rap.

Point #2

And then there is JAIL time

if Barry loses his “bet”

very likely he would

be sentenced to serious

JAIL time the ultimate


The Home Run “KING”

the charges are

perjury and obstruction


Barry is looking at

5 – 10

Point #3

The Feds have no real stomach for going to Trial. Certainly their bosses in DC don’t. BARRY WILL BE OFFERED A PLEA DEAL. Bet on it you can’t lose. BARRY WILL TAKE THE PLEA BARGAIN. Bet on it. You can’t lose. It may happen soon. Or “knowing” Barry he may well resist to weeks before the Trial sometime next year.

Point #4

Here is the shape of the Deal

Absolutely positively no doubt about it. Bet on it. You can’t lose. Barry Bonds will have to publicly admit he did indeed take Steroids and detail that use. Without that stipulation there will be NO Deal. Of course that is THE Problem for Barry.

Had he admitted even very very carefully his Steroid use. There would be no Charges. Especially if coupled with him not displaying the ultimate ARROGANCE and insisting on breaking the career Home Run Record on Top of the Season Home Run Record.

But Barry could not resist

that is indeed why he took

Steroids because he had to be the BEST no matter no matter the cost to him and less to others But in the End he is a Tragic Figure. Just as Macbeth could never seem to wash the Blood off his hands because his Fate was sealed once he killed the King even though he was blessed with fame and riches but STILL he was not the King !

Barry sealed his Fate when he made the decision to take Steroids. Because once he did of course he would not admit it because that would completely destroy the very reason he took them FAME which would have disappeared if he admitted he was the STEROID King. So the more he lied the inevitable it became that he would trap himself.

Now he will be forced to admit his STEROID use anyway to avoid the worst possible punishment. And he will lose anyway what he craved to ridiculous lengths to be THE ALL TIME HOME RUN KING. Now his records hitting 73 Homer Runs in one season and hitting more Career Home Runs than Hank Aaron both records will be GONE whether or not they are officially removed from the record books.

Barry could have retired somewhat gracefully before the 2007 seasons without challenging Aaron’s record and he might have hinted at Steroid use just enough to satisfy reality. If he had he just might have avoided prosecution because it might have looked like the Feds were simply being vindictive. But Barry could not Stop.

And now it’s all gone gone gone gone Barry’s career is gone gone gone gone they’ll be no more Baseball gone gone gone all those Home Run records gone gone gone his chances of getting into the Hall of Fame gone gone gone worst of all for Barry his reputation or what was left of it gone gone gone those magic words like no others in all of Sports now bring nothing but pain Barry Bonds is GOING GOING GONE going Deep for the last time this time no one’s Cheering

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