BASN Classic Blackbox: Complete Package Chris Paul

Updated: May 11, 2008

A BASN Classic BlackBox Originally Published: December 4, 2007 COMPLETE PACKAGE CHRIS PAUL


Answer this Riddle what happens when

you take a young hornet

add 1000 turkeys and

wait 8 long years

You get Chris Paul leading New Orleans to it first victory over Dallas since 1999. Where do 1000 turkeys come in. They came in more than a week ago with Chris Paul to feed a thousand struggling families in New Orleans and Winston-Salem. And what do they have to do with the Hornets beating the Mavs anyway. They display the kind of awareness and determination that makes Chris Paul a rising young star in the NBA.

As reported in one Sports source here is exactly what Paul did December 1st after feeding so many with his generosity first, ” Chris Paul poured in 33 points, tallied 12 assists, and pulled down nine rebounds to lead the Hornets to their first win over the Mavericks in eight years, as New Orleans outlasted Dallas, 112-108, in overtime.”

And here is how Paul described the experience

“It is a great feeling to beat Dallas,” said Paul. “I told Jason Terry right before the last possession that this has been a long time coming. I had never beat that team and it was good to get a win.” Well Chris your good deeds precede you. You deserve the win.

There is more to tell about the turkeys and Paul’s talents but it is worth noting here yet another aspect of this youthful Renaissance Man his narration on an ESPN documentary “Black Magic” along with other notables Samuel L. Jackson and Wynton Marsalis. “Black Magic” is a film about the Civil Rights Movement seen from the perspective of the basketball programs at historically Black colleges. The documentary will air on both March 16 and March 17 during the NCAA Tournament.

Back to Basketball

Prior to taking down the Mavericks also following his Thanksgiving Odyssey here is how the Atlanta Journal Constitution described what Paul did to Atlanta’s Hawks, ” Injured in the Hornets’ previous trips to town, Paul finally got his chance to work the floor. And he was unstoppable in the first quarter, leading the Hornets to a 28-22 lead by shooting 5-for-5 from the floor (11 points) and dishing out three assists. He was 7-for-8 by halftime and led the Hornets with 16 points. In two previous games against the Hawks, Paul averaged 24 points and 12 assists.”

Chris Paul is burning up the NBA

when he’s not off the hardwood

doing Good Deeds

Now let’s take it

to the rim

Here is what HoopsWorld

says about Chris Paul

” Everyone can see that Chris Paul is a great player. But just how great is he and how great will he be? There’s always been a certain part of humanity that relishes the opportunity to predict the future, so in comparing Paul’s numbers to some of the great point guards of our time, is it possible to see what he may become ? ” ” In choosing the greatest point guards of our time, Paul’s third-year numbers were measured up against Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, and the recently-retired Gary Payton. The results? Paul is head and shoulders above where these greats were in their third year.”

” Although Paul gets slightly more playing time than the three he’s being compared to, he is clearly better in every statistical category of note.”

So if you have not been following

Chris Paul’s career and catching

every Hornets game you can

time to begin doing so

Now back to those

Turkeys and Thanksgiving

Paul got the idea to team up with Smithfield Foods of Smithfield, Virginia, to distribute lots of turkeys. Chris’ personal appeal convinced Smithfield’s CEO Joseph Luter. But that was just the start.

While anchoring his Hornets team, Paul and his other ‘team” his Thanksgiving team had to coordinate a tremendous number of elements and seek out lots of volunteers to distribute so many turkeys in time for Thanksgiving in two cities. Big beautiful succulent turkeys to families that might have been sitting down to franks and beans or a scrawny bird otherwise on Thanksgiving Day.

The NBA 2006 Rookie of the Year also has won the NBA Community Assist Award As Ralf Walters who represents Chris Paul at the firm Patterson Partners in Greensboro, North Carolina noted ” The award acknowledges Chris’s emphasis on community involvement and service, not just in Winston-Salem, but also his donation of food baskets and bikes for underprivileged children in Oklahoma City and New Orleans.”

Too bad every 22 year old

quickly rising Sports Star

does not possess the range

Chris does on and more

off the Court cause if

they did it would be

A Far Better World

Bravo Chris !

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