Apologize For What The Audacity of Race In America

Updated: May 22, 2008


William Randolph


Here we go again White America forcing

African American to apologize for telling

the TRUTH or suffer the Consequences

Welcome to Willie Randolph’s World

Was there any Doubt it would happen. That Willie Randolph having suggested there was some Racial Motivation in various vicious ATTACKS on him as manager of the NY Mets that he would be forced SOONER or later to apologize for telling the Truth or he would be SAVAGED far more viciously if he did not.

Welcome to the American Sports Plantation

White American was not going to stand by while some Black Man complained about being hit over the head with a media sledge hammer. Any more than White American would allow Barack Obama to tell the TRUTH about the Middle East and still get elected President. There are Ground Rules here. Abide by them or “die.”

So here is the superficial story. Randolph way back on Monday was quoted as saying he wondered if he was being held to a different standard than White managers. THAT’S IT. THAT WAS ENOUGH. Even the most subtle dignified call it meek mention of RACE as a factor in decision making in Sports is sure to produce a White Whirlwind. Maybe Willie is lucky. It’s the 21st century and New York City nobody is calling for Randolph to be physically lynched for his Audacity. Just lynched in other ways.

Want more perspective. What team is playing far worse than the New York Mets. Yes the New York Yankees but heard anyone attacking Yankee Manager Joe Girardi the way Willie Randolph is being pummeled in the newspapers, on sports talk, and lots of other places. Let’s see what is the BIG difference between Randolph and Girardi ????

Here is the Point ……

RACISM is alive and well in America. Maybe no where more than in Sports. So before we all compliment ourselves for living in the enlightened 21st century. Think again. Maybe Randolph is also very lucky he is not managing in West Virginia or Kentucky although he never could. Down there they don’t even package their Racism. Proven by the overwhelming defeat of Barack Obama in those two states for only one reason Hillary Clinton is WHITE and Barack Obama is BLACK. Things aren’t much better in Pennsylvania or Ohio.

The fact is ……

Although obviously Randolph does not have the Backbone for it rather than reading from a pre-pared apology statement more than likely written by his White Bosses, Randolph should have stood in front of the Mets team meeting on Wednesday and done exactly the opposite. Randolph should have said I HAVE NO DOUBT MUCH OF THE CRITICISM OF ME IS RACIALLY MOTIVATED. THAT AMERICA IS STILL LARGELY A RACIST SOCIETY IN TOO MANY WAYS.

Unfortunately White America knows few if any Black Americans especially in Sports will ever raise the Race issue and when they do occasionally GUARANTEED they will back down and apologize to White America for their Audacity. Life on the 21st century Plantation. All that is missing is the Big House and the fields of cotton.

What would have happened if Randolph had stood his ground. The Story would have grown exponentially. His critics would have hit harder as others come to his defense. Soon thereafter “sadly” (sic) the Mets would have announced Willie was being replaced NOT because of his charges of course of course NOT but because all the publicity was effecting the whole team and the fans God Bless Them were being cheated out of quality Baseball as a result of all attention and tension. All Randolph’s fault.

Willie Randolph would have NEVER gotten a job offer in MLB or Minor League Baseball for that matter. Never again. Maybe maybe one of the Historically Black Colleges would have offered him a managing position for almost no money. As for the White Media after kicking him hard one last time they would relegate him to the status of non-existence.

All because Willie Randolph suggested in answer to one question in one interview that just maybe just maybe if he was a White Manager he would be treated differently and having done so had he NOT bent over as far as he could and BEGGED White America for forgiveness. Which of course he did.

There is some interesting

IRONY here there always is

Randolph has been one of the

very visible “players” doing

Bud Selig’s and the Owners

bidding buying into their

PHONY tributes to

Jackie Robinson as

MLB White Washes

Baseball once again

maybe next time

Willie Randolph will

think twice before



Jackie Robinson