Another O.J. Scandal

By Gary Norris Gray
Updated: May 16, 2008

CALIFORNIA — When this new NCAA-NBA rule first surfaced three years ago, I did not agree with its principles.

This NBA and NFL age limit rule limits the opportunities for Student-athletes to made a living in school while at the same time these prestigious and honorable Colleges and Universities where making millions off of the blood, sweet, and tears of these Student athletes.

Last weekend, reports that USC basketball star O.J. Mayo may have allegedly received money from sports agents since high school. If this allegation is true Mayo may have to repay the school millions of dollars.

The Trojans may have to forfeit all records in games in which O.J. played in.

ESPN claims Rodney Guillory, on behalf of the sports agency (BDA) Bill Duffy Associates, doled out some $30,000 to Mayo in cash, clothes, and other gifts over the past four years.

Mayo turned pro last month and, of course, signed with BDA. This will continue and be repeated until the NCAA, NBA, and NFL change the standards for gifted student athletes.

That leads me to the issue of the NCAA’s idea or perception of a Student Athlete:. Let’s be real here, with in a one-to-four year period the school monetarily profits from these young adults while the (so called) student-athlete receive nothing.

These schools have the nerve and audacity to complain when the student athlete leaves early to earn a living. So I don’t blame the agents or Mayo for doing what they did. They are just being a very good American capitalist.

Breaking the rules does not matter or does it? The One year rule is not working and the NCAA needs to fess up and acknowledge what they are doing under the cloaked banner – student-athlete.

The athletically gifted student with athletic abilities knows how the game is played. They enter school and stay in class for one semester then the rest of his time on campus is playtime.

These sports agents pursue and pay the student-athletes while in school. Which currently is illegal for an agent to pursues and send funds under the table to these student- athletes until he gets drafted.

This student-athlete does not go to class, do not take test, and does absolutely nothing for the next three months. This is a recipe for disaster and it will become a growing problem if it is not corrected immediately.

We are going to see many more cases like O.J Mayo if the NCAA, NFL, and NBA correct the current standards.

Most of these student-athletes are African American males and they should be finishing their education. (REMEMBER, A MIND IS A TERRIBLE THING TO WASTE) These young men should not be thinking about the professional ball at this stage of their lives.

President Miles Brand and the NCAA are no longer looking out for the welfare of the Student-athlete and that is the very sad note in this never ending saga. Brand and the NCAA have sold their soul to the NBA and that stomps on everything the NCAA stood for, meaning fairness, education, and amateurism.

It appears that Brand and the NCAA just throw these goals out the window and turn their collective backs on these three pillars of Collegian sports. Instead kow towing to the NBA and NFL wishes.

These is also a hint of racism in all of this confusion because 14-18 year old baseball, bowlers, golf, hockey, and tennis players who are predominately white are allowed to turn pro at any age while football and basketball players who are predominately African American are prohibited.

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