Yes It’s True Two Black Umpires In One MLB Game

Updated: April 9, 2008


OK Black Box Fan Club Members

BEFORE you get too excited you

need to know the FULL story but

YES history has been made !

If you live in the Washington DC or Miami broadcast areas or better yet if you subscribe to and live anywhere on Earth Monday night you saw something that has NEVER been seen in 100+ years of Major league Baseball. TWO AFRICAN AMERICAN UMPIRES umpiring one MLB game at the same time. Jesus Mary and Joseph can it be TRUE.

Or is the Black Box setting us up

for a very big disappointment

some kind of conundrum

( new word for you )

NO it is True. With two caveats. Actually it was not the first time ever, and technically there were not TWO Major League Umpires calling the Washington – Florida game at Nationals Park. WHAT IS THIS A RIDDLE ??

NO it turns out quietly and without any fanfare on the part of Major League Baseball – for obvious reasons we will explain anyway – AFRICAN American Adrian Johnson it turns out has filled in for regular MLB Umpires a few times the past two seasons and this season so far – but with no certainty how long it will last – Johnson is officially assigned to one of the 17 MLB 2008 Umpires Crews that work together “all season.”

Adrian Johnson is assigned to what MLB calls Crew E the ONLY crew that includes a non-MLB Umpire. One Triple A Ball Umpire is assigned. So the final TWO pieces of this puzzle are that Adrian Johnson is the AAA Umpire that so far this season has been assigned to Crew E along with the “nepotism” Umpires father and son Tim and Bill Welke and AFRICAN American MLB Umpire Chuck Meriwether.

So if you were watching Florida beating

WashingtonMonday night 10-7 you

saw Johnson behind the Plate and

Meriwether at 3rd Base

OK it’s all right to say it now WOW even if that WOW deserves to be a bit sarcastic if not downright caustic. Still as long overdue as it is by generations for the FIRST time in Major League history we are both seeing TWO AFRICAN Americans together on ONE MLB Umpire crew and in tandem THREE African Americans Umpiring in the Major Leagues at the same time. BUT WITH A VERY BIG ASTERISK. Adrian Johnson remains a MINOR League Umpire and may be sent back down at any moment NEVER to return.

So before Martin Luther King Jr.

and Jackie Robinson both RISE

from their Graves and dance

in front of the MLB

let them wait and

see IF ….

Adrian Johnson’s occasional appearance in MLB games the last two seasons “invisibly” and his assignment to an MLB Umpiring Crew this season is going to lead to him being named an MLB Umpire either this season or for next and WITHOUT either Meriwether or fellow African American MLB Umpire Kerwin Danley retiring or being fired.

The history of the MLB and Black Umpires has been the “RULE OF TWO” never more than TWO African American MLB Umpires at any one time ever in MLB Baseball among the 69 MLB Umpires which includes one full time fill in Umpire who is also White.

To fill in those who do not

read the Black Box


The very first African American Umpire in the Major Leagues was not hired until 19 years – that’s TWO decades Baseball Fans – after Jackie Robinson first integrated the Majors and not until AFTER every single MLB team was finally integrated. The Late Emmett Ashford became a National League MLB Umpire in 1966. Not counting Adrian Johnson and so far there is NO reason to count him there have been a total of SIX African American MLB Umpires in the entire history of Baseball.

So do yourself a favor

subscribe to

and watch HISTORY

being made scour

the Internet or just call

MLB to find out which game

each day MLB Umpire Crew E

is working before Adrian Johnson

DISAPPEARS back to the Minors

or dare we HOPE will he actually

becomes an MLB Umpire

Jesus Mary and Joseph



Ww promised to tell you why MLB is keeping the presence of a THIRD African American Umpire so quiet. If it is not obvious after reading the Box above it is because of course Commissioner Bud Selig and the Bad Boys of Summer do not want to highlight their obvious RACISM in allowing Major League Baseball to continue to operate with so few with an EMBARRASSING few African American Umpires especially when…..

……. of course they could go out and EASILY convince African Americans looking for a great job and outstanding pay to train to become MLB Umpires or even FASTER make it realistic for Black Umpires who toil in the Minors “forever” and in College Baseball to get the same advantages WHITE Umpires have always received in reaching the Majors.