Why Don’t You Say What You Really Mean Rhoden Master This

Updated: April 10, 2008


O Black Box WHY are you

always so NEGATIVE why

don’t you write POSITIVE

stories UPLIFTING stories

about African Americans

in Sports today …

Well we do lots of POSITIVE stories IF you read everyday. But more to the point the Simpletons who FILL our mailbox with those complaints live in a fantasy world just the way the Sports Industry wants them to. Sports as MINDLESS entertainment so they don’t notice how badly they are getting screwed. Woo this sounds almost Marxian. Yes it does GROUCHO Marx the inspiration for Life in America.

Which brings up to the Masters

the G L O R I O U S Masters

the PINNACLE of Sports and

the APPEAL of the South

and in a moment to

Bill Rhoden one of

Favorite Foils who

is at The Masters

Here is the Deal. This year to put a nice SPIN on the 2008 Masters. In the days leading up to the Tournament. Augusta National Chairman Billy Payne to loud fanfare as Bill Rhoden put it “unveiled an aggressive, two-pronged initiative toward inclusion at a news conference Wednesday.” That’s right an AGGRESSIVE TWO PRONGED INITIATIVE TOWARD INCLUSION. Now where the Black Box comes from the Real World INCLUSION means they are now going to say we are going to do something for AFRICAN Americans. Yes it’s probably a PR scam but it’s the thought (sic) that counts !

So IF we were naive and thank God

( who unfortunately is White ) we

are NOT naive but IF we were

we’d expect an AFRICAN

American initiative from

Augusta National

to come next


Augusta National Chairman Billy Payne’s definition of an AGGRESSIVE INITIATIVE TOWARD INCLUSION is the announcement that as Rhoden explained it ” Three of Asia’s top-ranked players — Liang Wen-Chong of China, Prayad Marksaeng of Thailand and Jeev Milkha Singh of India— received special invitations to play in the Masters.” WOW UNBELIEVABLE three top ASIAN golfers are actually going to be allowed to play in this year’s Masters. PLEASE Mr. Payne come to your senses THREE top rated ASIAN players allowed in the Masters. Do you want to get stoned ?? Are you stoned ??


( believe it or not )

Again we turn to New York Times Sports Commentator Bill Rhoden, ” On Wednesday, as part of the youth initiative, the Masters televised its par-3 event in hopes that “kids will be inspired by seeing golf competed and conducted in a fun and family manner,” Payne said.” JESUS MARY AND JOSEPH where will this stop …..

Does The WHITE House know and

Thank God again there is NO more

That’s it the entire AGGRESSIVE TWO PRONGED AUGUSTA NATIONAL MASTERS MOTIVATED INITIATIVE TOWARD INCLUSION. Thank God again. We were worried maybe Payne was going to announce they were going to invite young Darkies from around these United States to come to Augusta National for a week of special GOLF instruction and to inspire them. Thank God they are not. Or that Payne was going to announce another INITIATIVE to have a second AFRICAN American playing in The Masters in addition to Tiger Woods ( who claims not to be anyway ) within 20 years by 2028.

Thank God again they are NOT or

WORSE still that Augusta National

Is going to establish and contribute handsomely to a $10 Million scholarship fund for young African American boys and girls who display serious talent for Golf and the potential to become pros. THANK GOD THEY DID NOT. Or that Augusta National was going to offer actual MEMBERSHIPS to another 4 or 5 AFRICAN Americans bringing that membership number all the way up to 10 !! DON’T WORRY. They aren’t.

It turns out AGGRESSIVE TWO PRONGED INITIATIVE TOWARD INCLUSION has absolutely NOTHING to do with or for or about AFRICAN Americans. Stop worrying. And don’t just believe us. Bill Rhoden delivered the same message in The New York Times the only difference is he was complimentary to Augusta Chairman Bill Payne and wrote his story as though it was SERIOUS news rather than Comedy. Then again what choice does Rhoden have working for The New York Times ??

Not that Bill Rhoden did not have any Criticism

listen to the RADICAL Bill Rhoden

” Expanding the game around the world and attracting young talent are noble initiatives for the Masters. Perhaps the tournament can use its great resources and incredible reach to attract prospective young golfers, especially young prospects who look like, say, Tiger Woods.”

Which leads us to our FINAL compliments

of this Box which do NOT go to

Augusta Chairman Billy Payne

who avoided mentioning

AFRICAN Americans but rather to

AFRICAN American Bill Rhoden

who in his long 828 word article

about INCLUSION at Augusta

INCREDIBLY used the phrase

AFRICAN American exactly

all of once GOOD work Bill !!