‘Who The Heck…Am I Really’ Asks Herschel Walker

Updated: April 20, 2008


We have two choices here

either play this story straight

or find some humor in it

our choice do both

and be safe

Here is the Story or part of it anyway. Let’s get right to it. Heisman trophy winner and former pro football star Herschel Walker claims he is 12 different people. To be a bit more specific 12 entirely separate personalities locked in his body and none of them know each other. He probably should name them.

Now the fact that Walker has coincidentally just published a book to discuss his problem – if you consider it a problem – may or may not factor into your response to Walker’s Story as told in his NEW book. YES there is a medical name for Walker’s condition it is now called “dissociative identity disorder.” Walker has a handicap. Whether or not that qualifies him for special handicap parking privileges has not been revealed.

But Herschel does have a physician who has been treating him one Dr. Jerry Mungadze who specializes in treating D.I.D. as it is referred to by those who deal in it. In fact until Walker went to see Dr. Mungadze he had NO idea he had D.I.D. Now he does !

Let’s keep in mind many diseases that were once scoffed at are today generally accepted. Let’s also keep in mind there are plenty of “conditions” that are called medical conditions that are not in any realistic sense. Let’s also keep in mind something given an exotic name and labeled a very rare condition in this case might also be a form of good old mental stress or illness as you prefer to call it.

Herschel Walker attributes playing Russian Roulette with a loaded pistol twice and episodes like holding a pistol to his wife’s head also known as involuntary Russian Roulette, Walker attributers these and other anti-social episodes to these various other individuals who look like him, seem to be him but are NOT him. It’s the D.I.D. that did it. Walker also attributes having his wisdom teeth pulled WITHOUT Novocain or anything else a choice made by one of his other pain loving personalities not by himself. Whoever that is.

In some places anyway at book signings Walker is doing a brisk business not only because of his football feats of yesterday but it seems readers want to get the low down about who is really living in Walker’s body and how do all 12 fit. Maybe more how do they all manage to live together without tearing Walker apart. It is bad enough for 12 people to try and live together in a big house let alone one body even an athletic one like his.

So we will leave you to ponder

what you think if you care

about Herschel Walker and

his condition whether it’s

worth buying his book

as for us we will leave

Herschel and you with

one timely song from

High School Musical yes

it’s titled “Breaking Free”

feel FREE to sing along


Herschel Walker ANYBODY KNOW ME ???