Troubled Pacman Is Dallas Bound Maybe

Updated: April 15, 2008


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GUESS you already know the answer. But you get the prize anyway. FREE Black Boxes for the indefinite future ( no not forever ). Right PACMAN Jones known to his mother and the police as Adam Jones. AKA for all practical purposes FORMER Tennessee Titans Cornerback. Pacman has been SUSPENDED indefinitely since early last year.

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How many times has Pacman Jones been arrested making him the most arrested current NFL player. You said ….. SIX ? RIGHT !! You have won FULL access to Black Athlete Sports Network without cost again indefinitely ( no not forever ). OK no more questions this is either too easy or you are too good. Box readers are SMART as everyone knows.

So what is Jones’ story anyway ?

Well Tennessee drafted Jones 6th in 2005. Not having any idea he would reward them by getting arrested 6 times in just 2 seasons. If your mind works a certain way you might say it’s a very good thing for him and them they did not draft him 12th ?

Here is his most important

NFL record so far

his arrest record

July 13, 2005, arrested for assault and felony vandalism

August 25, 2006, arrested for disorderly conduct

October 26, 2006 arrested for spitting in someone’s face

February 19,2007 altercation with “exotic” dancer

June 18, 2007, sought by police concerning shooting

June 25, 2007 charged with biting someone’s ankle

Well maybe this record is not as bad as it might have sounded but still not good. Certainly not by NFL standards or the team he played for the Tennessee Titans. So what’s this about Dallas wanting him anyway. Seems the Cowboys think they can tame Jones or they simply are willing to sign an outstanding Cornerback with PROBLEMS.

The latest move is that Jones now intends to try and complete the trade first THEN apply for re-instatement. It’s a smart move on Pacman’s part needless to say. If Commissioner GOOdell rejects his re-instatement petition Jones is not going to be a very attractive trade to Jimmy Jones sitting in the stands at Cowboy Stadium cheering on his NEW team.

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WHY is he Pacman

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Way back when he was a little boy

his grandmother began calling him

PACMAN because he drank his

milk with such gusty it reminded

her of Pacman in the video game

sorry if you were hoping for

something more imaginative

still Jones LOVES the name

uses it on everything now

he hopes on a Cowboys

uniform next season