Torneo Banco National To Begin Saturday

By BASN Wire Services
Updated: April 4, 2008



COSTA RICA — José Ureña, President of the Federacion de Surf de Costa Rica (FSC), announced that the sixth date of the 2007-08 Circuito Nacional de Surf (CNS) will take place this weekend, April 5 and 6, in Playa Dominical.

Called Torneo Banco National, the 4-star tournament will begin each morning at 7:00 a.m. and award the winner of each category 1,500 points.

It’s at this date, the second to last of the CNS, that the present leader of the general ranking of the Open category, Puerto Viejo’s Gilbert Brown, will take another step closer to claiming his championship crown.

Brown has behind him two first place wins, one in Playa Hermosa’s Trofeo Op and one from Playa Tamarindo’s Torneo Witch’s Rock — both 3 star contests. In addition, he came in second last month at the 4-star Torneo Playa Carmen.

Brown’s destiny remains in his own surfing hands, and in his own performance in Dominical and beyond. Jaco’s Jason Torres and Montezuma’s Matías Braun, second and third in the Open ranking, let the big win escape them further in Playa Carmen, when they did not make it to the finals. Jairo Pérez (Jaco), managed the finals there, but his history still leaves him fourth in the overall rankings.

Brown is 1st with 5,115 points, Jason Torres 2nd with 3,980, Matías Braun 3rd with 3,931 and Jairo Pérez 4th with 3,780. These positions are differentiated by 2,000 points, and the total points that determine an overall Champion come from the best four dates of the 2007-2008 Circuito Nacional de Surf.

With the Torneo Banco Nacional’s 1,500 points, and 6-stars upcoming in the April 26-27 Playa Hermosa Gran Final Terraza-Reef, Brown still controls the top spot and Championship. And, a slide of any of these four, could open space for a competitor who obtains two good performances at these dates.

Luis Vindas (Jaco), winner of the last date in Playa Carmen, also won Dominical in 2007. In addition, he managed to monopolize five consecutive trophies in Hermosa until 2008, which is an indication of where the Gran Finals could go.

In the equally volatile and up-for-grabs Women’s Division, Jaco’s Lisbeth Vindas collected a valuable performance in each one of the dates of the Circuito this year.

Yet, her first place win last month at Torneo Playa Carmen was her first top trophy this year against current National Women’s Surf Champion Nataly Bernold (Jaco). Bernold, defending her crown, will have to press the accelerator to the floor, if she wants to reclaim it all, since Vindas is roaring back in style and the points are so high at these next two contests.

The former 5-time Costa Rican Women’s Surf Champion is hungry to win.

Pérez, who had been gunning for a second-consecutive National Junior Championship title, managed to win three, 3-star dates in a row, and then has not been able to climb into the top spot for a 4-star contest in the last two that have passed.

He’s still well within reach of his goal, yet he must buckle in for these next two dates in order to fend off the competition, especially //<![CDATA[ //]]> Anderson Tascón (Jaco) and Carlos Muñoz (Esterillos), who are spoilers.

The Torneo Banco Nacional date of the CNS will be carried out in front of Hotel Tortilla Flats. The conditions for this weekend are expected to be 2- to 4-feet with sets running periods of up to 12 seconds.

This sand bottom beach break is known for its consistent conditions during the day, and at high tide, the waves takes tube form. Categories competing this weekend include: Open, Junior, Women, Junior Women, Boys, Grommets, Mini-Grommets, Mini-Grommets Girls, Novices, Masters, Longboard, Bodyboard and Bodyboard Women’s.

Inscriptions for the Torneo Banco Nacional will take place Friday, April 4 at Hotel Tortilla Flats between 5 & 7 p.m. Costs are c6000 for Open, Women’s Longboard, Bodyboaders and Masters, and c5,000 for Boys, Juniors, Junior Women’s, Grommets, Mini-Grommets and Novices. Additionally, first-time registrants must pay an annual FSC membership fee of c10,000.

Once again, the 2007-08 Circuito Nacional de Surf will offer spectators an added visual treat before the surf trophies on Sunday, at approximately 3:00 p.m. with the Miss Organic & Nature contest. Each winner receives $100 and a chance to earn the overall title — and $1,000 — at the Reef Gran Finals.

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