Torii Hunter Called Bud Selig’s Bluff

Updated: April 13, 2008


What Torrii Hunter said

last year before April 15

is well worth mentioning

again this year and each

year until things get

BETTER here is

Torrii Hunter

last year

As presented in the Los Angeles Times on Sunday, ” “This is supposed to be an honor, and just a handful of guys wearing the number. Now you’ve got entire teams doing it. I think we’re killing the meaning. It should be special wearing Jackie’s number, not just because it looks cool.”

“What upset Hunter, he says now, was this: The Houston Astros had no black players on their team last April, and yet the entire team wore No. 42. That got it away from, ‘OK, we don’t have any blacks,’ ” he said. To Hunter, a roster with no black players did not represent the progress for which Robinson stood, and baseball celebrated.”

“When you have a team that doesn’t have any African American players on the team, and then everybody on the team wears it, yes, it’s watered down, because they don’t have blacks to represent Jackie Robinson over there,” Hunter said.

Right ON Torrii Hunter

Not only is it ridiculous it is an OUTRAGE that a team the Houston Astros without a single African American player nor manager or coach for that matter EVERY MEMBER OF THE TEAM WORE #42 LAST APRIL 15. At best that is a very BAD joke.

Actually the worst conceivable INSULT TO JACKIE ROBINSON. Short of lynching him. Image Robinson alive today seeing an MLB team WITHOUT even one African American on it. Just the way Baseball WAS before he entered the Majors on April 15, 1947. Does anyone really think that Robinson would have anything to do with that team. Or allow everyone on the Houston Astros to get away with wearing his number 42.

Well Torrii Hunter is very much alive

and in return for that very logical

comment he was hounded and

get this called a RACIST

Now in 2008 it is the Colorado Rockies with the “distinction” of having NO African American players on their roster. But thank God for small favors. The entire Rockies team will NOT wear # 42 Tuesday just 3 players one from the Dominican Republic, another from Venezuela and a White Guy Matt Herges. And ready for another SMALL favor ? Among the 21 coaches and team staff yes there is ONE African American Glenallen Hill the First Base Coach. Will he be wearing # 42 ??

Back to Torrii Hunter

too bad he’s the only

African American

player with GUTS

Here is more about Torrii Hunter from the Los Angeles Times, ” What makes Hunter special is that he gives his opinion, without flinching, and then gets to work. He gives time and money to Big Brothers and Big Sisters, to Athletes in Action, to Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI). He pays for 14 urban youth teams from across America to fly to Williamsport, Pa., every summer, to laugh, to swim, to make friends, to play on the Little League World Series field.”

“Some of these kids have never flown on a plane before,” Hunter said. “They get a chance to get on a plane and see something different. That can change your life.” That happened to him. He never had left Arkansas until 13, when he flew to New Mexico with his youth baseball team. He stayed with a host family, went hiking, discovered a great new world in which he wanted to play his part.”

And finally this from the LA Times …..

“It is not enough for him to play center field for the Angels. He plays his part in the community, in the world, to effect whatever change he can.”

What more should we say

nothing more is needed

Torrii Hunter is the


we ALL need and

Jackie Robinson

would be so


of him represent Jackie Robinson over said And now for you Torrii Hunter “live” ….


Now an extra from the Box a lesson in terminology. A history lesson. FREE from the Box. The origin and meaning of the phrase “monkey on his back”. Here it is …..

” In 1860s, the term reappears again. This time it refers to a person who is carrying rage, anger and resentment, which is like an animal agitating their minds everyday. The images of the time support this with men and women shown with a fierce creature causing bewilderment, mental agitation, even madness. In the 1930s, the use became popular in narcotic jargon. A person with a monkey on his back is thought to be obsessive, addicted and even paranoid. It is definitely a sign of a bad habit like taking drugs. It became the perfect symbol for alcoholism and drug abuse. From there it became increasingly a means to describe a person who was focused in a negative preoccupation or absorption into some activity or goal. Anything that is nefarious or obsessive can be termed, having a monkey on one’s back. Those who are determined in purpose and convicted are called passionate and focused but not bewildered by a bad presence sitting on one’s back. This is very far removed from the older Kemetic form of a benign ape sharing wisdoms, deciphering sacred code and guiding the construction of papyrus.”

” The original meaning connected to Tehuti, observes an ape looking over one’s shoulder as an important act that allowed incredible and innovating cures, design and philosophy to emerge. The crafts of scribes is a habit of diligence, dedication and love needed to cultivate meaning, to reveal the hidden and to translate it into hieroglyphics, signs, and colors. More recently, in Western culture, this habit has become to suggest addiction, madness and obsession. It may be just another example of ancient myths and symbols falling into ruin or it could be insight into the hidden cycles and patterns of writers, one raw genius, the other an addict. Both with a clamorous and feisty monkey on their back.”

For the full reference follow this link ….

Jackie Robinson ” TORRII THANK GOD FOR YOU “