Tim’s Cascade Potato Chips

By Wesley Chism Jr.
Updated: April 9, 2008

SEATTLE — There are few times in life when you discover something new that changes your life forever and you’ve just got to tell somebody. Something so simple but yet profound that you could never go back to what you were doing before.

Tim’s Cascade Potato Chips have given me yet another reason to live! Go ahead, laugh if you must but you just don’t understand. As a child, I had few choices when it came to snacks.

It was either chocolate or vanilla ice cream, orange or grape soda and plain or barbecue potato chips. Oh yeah, how could I forget the celery and peanut butter, thanks Mom.

After all these years, Santa Claus has finally found my letter and got it in the hands of the right people! What Tim’s Cascade has done to the potato chip is the same as what Tiger Woods has done for golf.

I had the opportunity to tour the facility and I’m not ashamed to say that I cried tears of joy. It was like that movie, Willie Wonka and Chocolate Factory but only with Potato Chips. I stuffed all my pockets!

The assembly line was meticulously set up and every potato had its place. They (the potatoes) were scrubbed, washed and scrubbed again before being sized for all the different styles that Tim’s Cascade produces.

Now at this point I’m sure you people are probably thinking that I’m crazy and wondering why I’m telling you any of this stuff. It’s because I believe that Tim’s Cascade Potato Chips will be at every sporting event within the next five years or sooner if I work for them.

You guys are going to have to trust me on this one. I know potato chips like Kanye West knows beats. Like Steve Harvey knows suites. Like Flava Flav knows ….. ah, maybe not but you get where I’m going.

Tim’s Cascade has a very talented team that has produced 15 flavors to choose from with another one on the way. The best seller is the Jalapeño flavored chip (yes it’s hot) followed by the Tim’s original chip and the Sea Salt and Vinegar flavored chip.

My favorite is the Hawaiian Luau Barbecue Potato Chip. It’s a little sweet and spicy with a thick cut so that when you bite into it you get the full flavor. It really goes well with a Philadelphia Cheese Steak and Frank’s pineapple soda!

There are some things that Tim’s Cascade has been doing since they started in 1986 that they just don’t talk about. “We’ve never used trans-fat,” stated General Manager Jeff Leichleiter. “We also pride ourselves in using local family owned farmers to get the best potatoes,” he added.

They sponsor several events such as the Aids Walk in Los Angeles and San Francisco and donate product to other charity events. “We constantly support our local community and various Food Banks.”

“We have been working with Tacoma Goodwill Industries for a couple years now. They approached us and explained how they could enhance our product and it was beneficial for both parties. Tacoma Goodwill assembles and packages various variety packs for us and we have enjoyed working with them.”

Tim’s Cascade has always been green. “We have always exceeded every environmental regulations. We are a well founded and responsible company to the farmer, customer and our employees.” That may explain why they staff that’s been with the company over 20 years.

At this point, you’re probably getting a little curious and wondering how you can get your hands around a bag of these chips. Thanks to the internet you can order online at www.timschips.com.

You can mix or match bags of six or 12. I would suggest the variety 12-pack which will give you a chance to sample the most popular flavors.

Taste one of these chips and you will agree that I’m not that crazy after all!