Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick……….

By Jerald L. Hoover
Updated: April 4, 2008

NEW YORK — The clock is ticking again on yet another dreadful New York Knickerbocker season under the leadership of Isiah Thomas, that sees the franchise heading to Secaucus, New Jersey for the NBA Draft Lottery.

This time the Knicks will be able to keep their pick having had to surrender the previous two to the Chicago Bulls in the Eddy Curry trade. And unlike the past four season’s the Knicks will have a new sheriff in town going into a very critical summer in the teams history.

As it stands at present the Knicks are looking at a 60-loss season. A first in the team’s history, which is not good when you consider the payroll the Knicks boast; it’s the highest in the League.

Thomas has made what seems to be an enemy all over the Knicks landscape. Several players have gone on record — anonymously of course — and stated that Thomas needs to go. The Anucha Brown-Sanders mess which cost the Knicks almost $12 million.

Former head coaches such as Larry Brown, Don Chaney and Lenny Wilkens have registered nearly $40 million in lost salary. Brown left and a negotiated price of $18 million was awarded.Wilkens left and was owed $10 million and Chaney was unceremoniously bounced and embarrassed but was owned some $9 million.

In any other world or in any other life-time Thomas would have been gone! But, not in the world of James Dolan who remains so loyal to Thomas one could think Thomas has pictures on Dolan. But, help seems to be on the way in the hiring of Donnie Walsh.

What’s so amazing is that his (Walsh) appointment to team president (which was Thomas’ job) was made within the home stretch of the season. Due to the rampart rumors and other tense matters, the Knicks abandon the premise to make an announcement at seasons end.

Commissioner David Stern was more than likely a huge portion of how and when the change was made. With the Knicks becoming a virtual laughing stock and with so much mismanagement of players and cash the Knicks became an eyesore to the League that pays you to play.

Walsh brings instant creditability and no baggage. Before Thomas even arrived he had a somewhat soiled reputation, just ask those poor souls who lost their life’s savings and investments when the CBA went to the dogs under the commissioner-ship of Thomas.

The Knicks will need a GM as well as a head coach. Two people come to mind to take those positions respectfully: former Sixer GM, Billy King and former Knick and Pacer point guard, Mark Jackson. In more than a few circles, Jackson is the first option to man that post.

And if he does take it, you can be sure that former Knicks legend Patrick Ewing will be called upon to work with Curry if he’s not traded. That (the working with Ewing), couldn’t come soon enough to get Curry on track and living up to his potential.