The Next Big Thing??

By Eric D. Graham
Updated: April 6, 2008

NORTH CAROLINA — Remember how you felt when you saw “little” Michael Jackson singing and dancing like James Brown. Or how you felt when you first saw “little” Tiger Woods hitting a golf ball to impress his father Earl Woods.

Well, wait until you see 13-year-old 7th grader Jashaun Agosto from Federal Way, Washington, shoot a jump shot with perfect rotation. Agosto is simply an amazing kid.

He can dribble the basketball with his right hand. He dribble it with his left hand. He can dribble the ball between his legs, behind his back and he can even dribble two balls at the same time.

The child progeny is a perfectionist, who works out four hours daily. His daily workout consists of 300 to 400 jump shots along with several dribbling drills that will have you watching with amazement.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention Jashaun also does 200 sit-ups and 200 push-ups every night before he goes to bed. Jashaun’s father, Julio stated he created a daily routine for his son because he remembered while playing basketball at East Anchorage High School with former Duke star Trajan Langdon how Langdon’s father, who was a coach would set up drills for his son.

As they say, practice makes perfect because due to his intense ball-handling skills, Jashaun has received national attention. On March 18th, he even made a guest appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’ day-time talk-show where he displayed his basketball skills.

The child star, who admits his favorite player is Kobe Bryant has already received letters from UCLA acquiring about his basketball skills. But Agosto does not just score on the court, he also scores in the classroom, where he is makes all A’s and B’s.

With all of this talent, maybe, the last place Miami //<![CDATA[ //]]> Heat or the Seattle Supersonics should give Jashaun a one-day contract to play for their franchise. Hey, if Billy Crystal can play for the Yankees, why can’t Jashaun play for the Heat.

So for all you basketball fans, check out Jashaun Agosto’s highlights on www.bobbeethehater.blogspot .com because he just might be the “NEXT BIG THING”.