The End Steve McNair

Updated: April 27, 2008


One less Black Quarterback

not exactly what we need

but Steve McNair saw

the handwriting on

the Football and

called it Quits

now at 35

Rather quietly this past week Steve McNair told the Baltimore Ravens and his teammates that’s it he’s packing it in. Yes time catches up even more so do big bad young defensive tackles after awhile to Quarterbacks sadly even Black Quarterbacks.

Unfortunately we can’t afford the loss

there are few enough to begin with

and the trend toward a few more

Black Quarterbacks seem to

be reversing itself we may

be headed back to those

Very Bad Old Days

fewer Black QBs

Of course Michael Vick went down. It may be all over for young Byron Leftwich released by yes Atlanta at the end of last season. Daunte Culpepper is struggling hoping to sign with the Green Bay Packers. Donovan McNabb who knows. He may be one injury or just a few bad games away from oblivion. Anyway he’s getting Old.

Of course there is hope for Vince Young but his second season was nothing like his first. The newest Great Black Hope is JaMarcus Russell at Oakland. We’ll see. Back at the Ravens minus Steve McNair, Heisman winner from two years ago Troy Smith MAY get a chance to shine but Kyle Bollar may prove to be Baltimore’s choice to Start. The list thins out after that. With a few African American back-up QBs who never play.

There may be some GOOD news in this past weekend’s NFL Draft. Two African Americans were picked in the 5th Round. Dennis Dixon by Pittsburgh and Josh Johnson was taken by Tampa Bay. Both hold Promise.

As for Steve McNair

He WAS one of the quality African American Quarterbacks in the NFL.

We’ll leave it to Wikipedia top give you the full Story

while we wish Steve McNair the Best

and so should you how about

coaching for you Steve ?