Straight No Chaser: Stones of Steel

By Desi Cortez
Updated: April 19, 2008

DENVER — Apparently Dan Rooney has stones of ….. steel.

Perhaps he got it from his dad; after all, the elder Rooney, the cigar chomping bulldog did give Joe “Jefferson Street” Gilliam the opportunity to play quarterback in a time and place where it was, shall we say “frowned upon.”

This earned Art Rooney the title “nigger lover” in certain select taverns across the Appalachian state. Regardless of exactly where the Rooney family’s independent thinking derives from, I think highly of, and appreciate it.

The son, just last year, placed a young Black man at the helm of his family’s gridiron institution. He bucked conventional (conservative) wisdom and hired young Afro-American coach, Mike Tomlin. Now he’s endorsed, blessed, Illinois Senator Barack Obama for President, of these so-called United States of America…

Ain’t that…. something!

This is a big, big-time move, made at a critical time in this nation’s history – a Democratic Party showdown, what may well be Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Last Stand. Rooney, by blessing Obama with his…sanctification – has thrown a serious monkey wrench into the Pennsylvania political process.

His endorsement might counter those from Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl and Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato, who both pledged their support for Hillary Clinton when she visited Pittsburgh for its St. Patrick’s Day parade.

As well as the State’s Governor, who’s declared on a few occasions – he simply believes the multitude of entrenched conservative types across the Liberty State who aren’t ready for a Black President, or brother-in-law, or next-door neighbor, or boss, or even head coach of their Pittsburgh Steelers.

Still, beyond the predictable reaction to Rooney’s unpredictable move, the obvious – you can hear Bill Clinton, this nations first Black President moaning “another Judas, another god-damn nigger lover.”

If you don’t hear this playboy chameleon… then you need to pull your head out of your behind. But more notable, the deafening silence emanating from the rank and file players, in all major professional sports – is stunning.

I can’t help but wonder, how is it – this 75 year-old wealthy white man – can step forward, risk some flak and condemnation, yet, no high-profile Afro-American players in the NFL are willing, wanting to step forward and publically support Senator Obama?

Make half the noise some of these Steph & Fetch’it minstrel like clowns love to entertain the fans with. Few exhibit the same moral indignation as their peers on college campuses nationwide, who’ve stepped-up and registerd their support of Obama.

Is it feasible these ex-collegians seldom attended a History, Poly-Sci or Econ class, high school or college? Might it be they have no knowledge of current events, because they have little understanding, very little value is placed upon understanding and participating in grown folks affairs?

These under-educated prima-donnas are preoccupied with increasing their ever-growing collection of 64 Impalas. Surveying the strip clubs across America, modifying their super duper phat cribs, adding a 3-story pole for his …. hareem of like simple-minded… tramps to slide down.

I’m sorry, I’ve lost just about all my patience with the Life ain’t nothing but bitches and money crowd.

Jerome Bettis and Franco Harris have climbed on-board the Obama bus, lent their names, their fame to a man, a movement, which could change the course of America.

These two men, along with Dan Rooney have the insight and perception to be apart of concrete, constructive change – why can’t Reggie Bush? Michael Strahan? Donovan McNabb, LT, TO. Adrian Peterson. It’s too bad Chad Johnson

I can’t help but wonder where Peyton Manning’s political support lies? Who prey tell is NFL Ambassador Brett Farve backing? It’s amazing how hush-hush these leanings are camouflaged.

Few of these superstars want to offend any potential consumers of their individual merchandise. The league itself doesn’t want to alienate any possible customers.

I’m searching for a word; hypocritical, phoney, yellow-bellied, full of …. Maybe a term or a poster boy for this type of detachment, aloofness, apathy. Tiger Woods?