Straight No Chaser: If If’s & But’s Were Candy & Nuts

By Desi Cortez
Updated: April 2, 2008

Masters MastersDENVER — Two extravaganza type events will garner the attention of the sports world in the coming days and months: the Augusta Masters, and the Beijing Olympics.

Both spectacles present prime opportunities for athletes to voice their concerns and displeasure with two super powers audacious abuses of power. If they have any…complaints?

If so, they have an opportunity to decry and bemoan uncountable elitist acts of tyranny, oppression, exclusion, intolerance, repression and discrimination, if they’ve noticed any of that…stuff.

There’s more than a little trouble in big China.

With the slaughtering, silencing and suppression taking place right behind the cardboard cut-out Olympic Village, the American athlete, obviously including the Black Athlete, will have a stage, on a global level – to … seize the moment, stand-up for the democracy the US allegedly goes to war for. Speak out against communism on the behalf of the million’s of gagged Chinese brothers and sisters who can’t.

Hopefully these scholar-athletes, many of whom hail from some of the most liberal and prestigious collegiate institutions in all the land might even go-as-far-as-to criticize the primitive and barbaric manner in-which the Chinese government treats not just the Tibetans, but their own population.

I guess, depending on how one looks at it, these young Spartans who’ll represent the US-of-A in the 2008 games, have a once in a athletes life time chance to make valid statements, on a world-wide stage about issues, ills and woes, which really matters, like say George W’s little war, or the pending economic depression facing most Americans because of unbridled capitalism, the rise of health care, the fall of the almighty dollar…..

Maybe some of these no-vice, amateur dumb jocks, straight-out of the hallowed halls of higher education, might have the audacity to articulate, though some defiant deed or gesture the Sky-rocketing profits for US Oil companies, many of whom underwrite, (and write-off ) the U.S. Olympic team. Prices, which are inflating the cost – not merely at the pump, but at the Piggly-Wiggly, crippling Main Street while paving Wall Street in Gold.

Now, down in the heart of Dixie, below the Mason Dixon line, Tiger, and only Tiger could use the aristocratic plantation “Gone with the Wind” setting of the Masters Tournament to criticize the Augusta golf Club for not permitting people with vaginas from being members.

He could stop turning a blind eye to the excluding of women from this good ol’ boy country club where deals are struck on the manicured greens. He could renounce his membership and ask the other five Black tokens to do likewise. If only Tiger wanted to offer — hopefully — his disgust with the corporations who overlook this slap-in-the-face of over half this country’s population.

If only Tiger could take the opportunity to state — hopefully — his opposition to the immoral occupation of Iraq. The needless sacrifice of young Americans – to obtain all the Texas Tea in the world. If only he would offer — hopefully — his support, an endorsement – of Obama for the Oval Office. But, only these things could happen, if young Tiger grows a set of testicles.

Yeah, if “ifs” and “buts” were candy and nuts…. it be a merry blinking Christmas.

The word of the day is opportunity. Are these scholar athletes far enough along the road-of-life to realize they’ve a commitment to much more than the businessmen and politicians who don’t want ethics and humanity to interfere in their profit making and taking.

These athletes have a responsibility and obligation to be more than mindless action figures that perform and compete for accolades. They have to, they must, rise above the mendacity of the games and exercise some gumption and intelligence, adopt morals and values which are not conducive with the bottom line of corporate America, but more in line with the little people of both nations.

If these individuals were to play this right, they could shine a desperately needed light on issues the media refuses to highlight. If these sportsmen and women rise to the grand occasion, never will so many, owe so so-very much…. to so few.

Power to the people.