Smith & Carlos Address Beijing Olympics

Updated: April 16, 2008


It was going to happen

now it has happened

Tommie Smith and

John Carlos have

spoken about the

Beijing Olympics

Tommie Smith and John Carlos define the concept of protest for Olympic athletes with their singular gesture in Mexico City on the Medals Platform in Mexico City. They have now addressed the issue of the very controversial Beijing Olympic in 2008.

Here is their most important statement

NEITHER will go to Beijing

both believe it is a troubling


To award the Olympics to the Chinese government in the FALSE belief that the authoritarian Chinese government would change in response to that honor and that by the Summer of 2008 the Chinese Communists would have made major changes in how they operate and treat their own more than 1.3 billion citizens. They have not.

The Chinese dictators and they are DICTATORS ar NOT a model for the world in the 21st century. For their people or for the world. There is not even a facade of elections in China. NO CHINESE CITIZENS EVER GETS TO VOTE FOR THEIR LEADERS.

And they are no more likely to be able to do so as a result of these Olympics. In fact the Chinese dictators are using this Olympics to strengthen their iron FIST of control over their own people. Indeed they are getting more sophisticated at it using the BEST technology supplied them by AMERICAN companies like Cisco and Google.

Human rights are a BAD joke in China.

If you are Chinese and stood up at a meeting or your work place or on a street corner and said we Chinese should have freedom of religion and freedom of speech to express ourselves as we wish. YOU WOULD BE ARRESTED. You would NOT get any kind of fair trial before you were sent off to a Chinese prison possibly to never be heard from again.

All Americans should be outraged

in reality American business

for the most part could not

care less they are in BED

with the Chinese leaders

Businesses including Nike and ATT and many others will GLORIFY the Beijing Olympics and use the American athletes competing to enhance their businesses at the expense of the Chinese people in that the STRENGTHENED Chinese regime will be less likely to CHANGE after having their Status Quo enhanced by the Olympics.

What advice do Smith and Carlos

have for American athletes

It is more cautious than you would expect. Both have recently stated they SUFFERED for their gesture against Racism in America and what was perceived as opposition to the Vietnam War. They spoke about how neither could find a job and how both were vilified by POWER in America. And that the International Olympic Committee came down HARD on them. Smith and Carlos aid they expect the same or worse to happen to them IF any American athletes in anyway display displeasure while at these Olympics.

Here is exactly what Smith and Carlos

have recently said about 2008

First Tommie Smith …

“And for the athletes, what I suggest is that they study the situation and go with their hearts and minds, be it in talking to the press about the situation or taking it to another level the way we did. I would never warn athletes not to make a stand, but I would warn them of the sacrifices.”

” In 1968, I may have become infamous overnight, but I couldn’t find a job when I got home. If you make a stand at a world event, you will sacrifice a great deal. I do believe the IOC would punish the athlete, possibly even more than we were in 1968.”

Followed by John Carlos ….

” I wouldn’t want to be a part of that ( 2008 Olympics in Beijing ). I couldn’t be a consumer at that place. Maybe the IOC needs to devise another formula to work out what nations have the right to host the Games. I’m not disenchanted with the Olympics, I’m disenchanted with the policy of the Olympics.”

Two African American

Olympics Heroes in

their own Words

listen to them

what kind of world do

we want do you want

is the 2008 Olympics

is China that model

NO freedom

of expression

NO freedom

of religion