Shame On James Lebron James And Darfur

Updated: April 1, 2008


Time to add LeBron to the List now it’s

The Big 3

Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and the new member of the Corps of Detached SuperStars LeBron James. Who has earned his membership for going so far as refusing to sign a former teammates petition condemning the slaughter of African children, women and men in Darfur, Sudan. If only they had worn LeBron signature Nike sneakers to they Slaughter then James could have justified adding his special signature to the petition.

Now you might call this Old News

it happened last year but one year

later not a word from James

about Darfur or other Abuses

Now here we go again into that never ending circular discussion do athletes in particular Black Athletes have any kind of responsibility to do anything but play Ball. And make Money. That is certainly their right in the United States and most places in the World but just as much certainly not the case in China and other countries run by Dictators. Where athletes are vehicles of state power and propaganda.

If James does not want to sign a petition condemning Genocide in Sudan assisted by the Chinese government paying billions to these Murderers in return for their Oil that is LeBron James right here in the United States. He also has no need to speak out against repression in Tibet or closer to home the plight of too many African Americans. or lack of adequate health care, or horrendous schools, or lack of opportunity. Etc., etc. …..

None of it is LeBron’s responsibility

any more than it is anyone’s

At the same time since he is selling himself to America and the world on and off the Basketball Court making many millions from his fame and the various products to which he attaches himself neither do the rest of us need to treat him as just any old anonymous individual who should not be picked out for special attention.

It is Special Attention which he and Nike and all his other corporate endorsement sponsors crave. Attention has made LeBron rich beyond imagination. The only problem is if he thinks he has a right to only POSITIVE attention having made himself such a visible figure in the Sports World and beyond.

That is where any ambiguity ends. Just as BASN and the Box have presented lots of stories about LeBron and his Basketball and his success and his records there is no basis for him claiming be it stated or unstated that he is available for the coverage he wants but not that which he does not want that he or his handlers claim have nothing to do with him.

LeBron is fair game for criticism

about anything he does or does

not do because he has invited

that kind of attention because

he is marketed as a figure of

“authority” by the NBA by

Nike and others qualified

to sell us what they want

us to buy well LeBron

we have the same right

to expose your Flaws

Lebron James in China ” I DON’T GET INVOLVED ”