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Updated: April 4, 2008


The wait is Over the Future

of Sports has arrived at

Major League Baseball

This week on Monday with the start of the 2008 season. You may not have noticed. Many did not. But a revolution was confirmed this week. Ad it will change your world. Your Sports World anyway. And for most Americans especially male that is their World more than work, family, sex yes even FOOD !

As usual it is the Box

giving you the Inside first

Right now Friday evening as this Box is being written playing on the computer monitor in our elaborate state of the Art beyond state of the Art BASN Black Box Studio are SIX MLB games simultaneously on the screen. Minus local games which are (still) blocked out but even that won’t last. So with six games on the new MLB browser they call MOSAIC you can instantly choose the audio you want at any moment as you survey the action for whatever game strikes your interest at any moment. NO commercials. If you like enlarge a game for better viewing while the other games remain visible on smaller windows.

Don’t stop there

You can key in information such as a list of your favorite players on any teams ( except the local team ) and you don’t even have to be watching that game but when your favorite players are at bat they instantly appear LIVE on your MLB browser while they are at bat. Even more fine tuning is possible and all kinds of stats can be viewed as you wish.

If you prefer an almost HD quality view of your favorite non-local team you can leave the Mosaic browser and select the game of your choice at any one of 3 streaming rates the highest screen can fill your monitor with a clear view of the game no matter how large.

And this is just the Beginning

MLB has gotten the message of Internet broadcasting better than any other Sports league on Earth and they are making sizable improvements season by season. Expect a host of new enhancements next season whatever they prove to be.

True HD quality broadcasts for those with fast enough broadband connections. That’s easy. Here is one we have long promoted that can’t be too far away. Viewer access to ALL the cameras covering each game so you can monitor ALL the camera angles at once or if you prefer focus the game through the camera position you prefer.

Here is another one from our List

Multiple play by play choices. Some games eventually all games will allow you to choose from a number of broadcast teams all calling the game. Want celebrity announcers. JayZee? or Beyonce ? JayZee and Beyonce. NO problem. Want ALL female announcers. NO problem. WANT AFRICAN AMERICAN PLAY BY PLAY ANNOUNCERS FOR BASEBALL NO PROBLEM ANY MORE. Soon.

Come up with your on List

let your own imagination run

WILD they are all possible

Then of course there are all kinds of electronic computer wizardry. Already you can watch computer animation of the exact path of every MLB pitch in every game. And plug into all kinds of esoteric stats as you watch MLB games.

From a corporate perspective what MLB is doing is setting the stage within a few years to yank ALL the games OFF broadcast and cable and MLB and the teams collecting all the viewer fees and all the commercials directly with the “middle man” meaning the networks and the cable channels. CUT OUT.

Think MLB and the teams are rolling in dough now and they are.

Wait a few more years. Every single one of the 30 teams will each be worth well over a Billion Dollars. Teams will sell for $10 Billion or more. And with every new enhancement of Baseball on the Internet brought to you by MLB the worldwide audience for Baseball grows and grows some more. Everywhere.

So what does all this mean

for ALL Sports and most

of all African Americans

just read the Black Box

every day you will be

the first to know !

Rawlings Baseball LEADING THE WAY