Dear Michael Vick Receives Blank Letters

Updated: April 2, 2008


It’s not a Big Story but

it’s interesting that

Falcons owner

Arthur Blank

Is writing to Michael Vick in prison. And Michael’s writing back. Of course the more interesting aspect of these new found pen pals is the potential for Vick’s return to the Falcons. Whether this next season or in 2009. Apparently Vick has still not gained entry into the drug treatment program that would put him in a half way house and eligible for work release. In Michael Vick’s case playing NFL football. Maybe.

With Blank on his side if he is and why not Vick has a stronger case for returning to Football if he does not have to find a new team. Although with all the NFL teams that seem to have second rate Quarterbacks or at least not Quarterbacks who are producing victories and post-season play Vick’s chance may not be bad somewhere else.

That is if he can get out of the Slammer

and Commissioner GOOdell does not

try to screw Vick for the rest of his life

the way the animal rights jihadists

would like to do crucify Vick

Looks like Michael took our advice and he is writing in prison to folks far and wide. Word is reliable or not it is Vick who first wrote Arthur Blank his once and maybe future boss. But what the heck is in those letters. Small talk. The weather. Something heavier like tales about life in prison. Blank can respond about the Good Life Vick no longer lives.

Our advice is that Vick write anyone and everyone. He has nothing to loose and he might do himself some real good. In fact he can’t write too many letters. Does he have a computer. Unlikely. Are they all handwritten. Hope his penmanship is good. It is probably getting better if he has no computer. Or maybe they have old IBM typewriters – there’s a word you haven’t heard in awhile – the inmates get to use.

Here is something Vick has not thought of. If he exchanges enough letters with enough people Vick just might end up with a big enough collections of letters for some publisher to offer him an advance for a book of them. ” My Life of Letters.”

Michael here are some people you ought to write. The kind of people who might be sitting beside you in the slammer for their crimes but aren’t. Why not start with Bill Belichick, George Bush and Dick Cheney. Those two have a lot more BLOOD on their hands than you ever might. And theirs is human blood. How about all those mortgage pimps who head major firms who screwed millions with these “phony” mortgages. How about the Oil Company CEOs making hundreds of billions but getting billions more from the U.S government they are so greedy. How about Elliot Spitzer. Put him on the List.

There are so many who should be in jail if you deserve to be but they aren’t. As we all know justice is blind to those who have enough power and influence. But justice has “perfect vision” when it comes to the rest of us. Even SuperStar Quarterbacks who are Black. Michael there are so many letters you could write. Don’t forget lots of those outstanding Members of Congress who OKed the Iraq invasion and Occupation. Put Hillary and Bill too on your list. Just keep writing and then write some more. Some of the replies will be fascinating others bizarre. Others ridiculous. Others unreadable.

Just keep writing Michael

who knows you may

become so articulate

become a best selling

author if you’re not

playing Football

Arthur Blank and Micahel Vick ” MICHAEL WHERE YOU BEEN ”