Dark Horse Emerges As NFL Draft Contender

Updated: April 23, 2008


You can almost see

the pigskins flying

FOUR months to



Indeed we are about to get our first whiff of the next season in two days with the 2008 NFL Draft this weekend in New York City at Radio City Music Hall. This event in its own way is the start of the new season. The chosen 200 or so will immediately head off to their new teams and began “cramming” for next season.

We’re here to report a possible

SURPRISE draft choice to

warm all our hearts

In a Draft that is expected to be weak on Quarterbacks in general and more to the point based on our interests WEAK in African American Quarterbacks. Dennis Dixon of Oregon fame seemed to be the only possible Black draftee at Quarterback.

And the so called smart money does not put his prospects very high for being drafted on this weekend’s 2008 NFL Draft. His problem is not only that he is an African American Quarterback but making it worse he suffered a “catastrophic” injury last season to be precise torn anterior cruciate ligament in the 9th game of the season. Up until then Dennis Dixon was a very serious Heisman contender. Now he’s praying.

Turns out Dixon really injured himself two games before he admitted it and kept playing making his injury that much worse even if he did it for the good of the team in his mind. Dixon is definitely a talented athlete who has been drafted by the Atlanta Braves as a good baseball prospect. But while it would be good to have one more Brother in the Big Leagues seems his heart is still set on the NFL. But if any team takes a chance they will probably have to wait until the 2009 season to find out if he has the Right Stuff.

If you want to check out

Dixon for yourself

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Now let’s turn a page to that SURPRISE prospect. San Diego State’s Black Quarterback Josh Johnson who arrived there 4 years ago as a non-scholarship prospect all 145 lbs of him. The question was prospect for WHAT. Well San Diego State found out to their Joy as he matured into a 6 ft. 3 and 214 lb. and very impressive QB who in his senior year threw for an eye catching heart thumping 43 Touchdowns while rushing for 720 yards.

That has put him on the Draft radar for some teams. Even if some others may contend only if they have very fine tuned radar with a very long range and can pick up points of light most other apparatus fails to see. Turns out Green Bay may be one of those teams.

To make a point Josh Johnson

has earned enough respect

he has received some of the

very long scouting reports

that “experts” write about

good looking prospects

so if you have the time

here is one on Johnson

but we WARNED you

it is very loooong

” Overview: Football Championship Series (the former Division I-AA) player was MVP of the East-West Shrine game. In three seasons as a starter against inferior competition, he put up staggering numbers: 113 touchdown passes to only 14 interceptions, including 43 and 1 last year, and completed 66 percent or more of his passes each season.”

” Has great mobility, and ran the 40 in 4.56 seconds at the scouting combine. Had a terrible passing workout at the combine, and some scouts deplore his mechanics, but performed better at his campus workout. Increased his weight from 185 pounds last season to 214 this off season. Because of his low level of competition and mechanical flaws, probably will need several years to develop. Former NFL quarterback and current Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh was his coach his first three years at San Diego.”

” The talk: “If you wanted to take a guy that had raw skill and upside in that late third, early fourth — I see him as a late third — he’s one of the most intriguing guys to me,” one scout said. “Once you get some of his mechanical stuff cleaned up, the guy has a chance to be a pretty good player, because he’s a good athlete that can run, but he sees himself as a quarterback and will do everything to throw the ball before he takes off to start running.”

” Said a quarterbacks coach who rated him as a better prospect coming out than Minnesota quarterback Tarvaris Jackson, a second-round pick two years ago: “If the guy’s accurate consistently and throws it from Point A to Point B quick and makes good decisions, who cares? I think he’s a pretty extreme talent. He can beat you with his legs and his arm. There’s not too many guys out there like that. I’d think he has a chance to be a third-round pick.”

” Had really high hopes for him, and his college tape is completely different than what you see in person. In person, it’s a train wreck, it’s hard to swallow,” another quarterbacks coach said. “He locks that front leg out, and then everything’s an arm throw. But you can’t do that. There’s not enough power generated by the arm itself. So, he doesn’t get the most out of his strength. That’s where you say. ‘Hey, I’m going to fix this guy up and take a shot at it,’ because obviously with the way he plays and his efficiency, there’s really some nice things mentally he does.”

OK if you got this far

you should be impressed

and just maybe come

Saturday or Sunday

evening there may


Black QB on his

way to the NFL

let’s HOPE so

so PRAY for

Josh and