Crunch Time_072004

By Bruce H. Edwards
Updated: April 4, 2008

Fred McGriff
Fred McGriff

LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY— There is nothing more beautifully athletic than our sisters running the 400 meters at the highest level of competition. Whatever happened to Magic Johnson hooking up with NASCAR to begin the process of somehow diversifying America ‘s number one spectator sport? Yeah right…It’ll take more than a little magic to perform that trick… Just need to leave them boys alone.

Does anyone besides me get a little annoyed when such a big deal is made every time a Black Athlete from the hood donates $5,000 to his hometown community center? While that’s a good thing on many levels and appreciated by many, myself included, it’s still chump change. …If you really want to do something significant and long lasting, donate a million. I mean you’re making ten million a year for the next five years… Can you maybe live off nine mil one year?

If you haven’t read James A. Michener’s Sports in America put it on your must read list and get it done before the start of the college football season… The book was written 28 years ago and is so on point it could have been written yesterday.

Everybody whose had enough of hearing about Kobe , Shaq and the Lakers please raise your hand…Uh huh, just like I thought.

In a thirteen year career, Dennis “The Worm” Rodman led the league in boards seven years in a row, he was all-defensive team 7 times, 2 time all-defensive player of the year, and oh by the way he has five championship rings. It’s a great feat when players’ today get 13-14 rebounds in a game…Dennis averaged 13 rebounds for his career and got 16-17 on the regular. It’s already starting to bother me that Dennis Rodman may never be voted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Carmelo Anthony whined his way onto the Olympic team… Although low key, he’s been whining about lack of recognition since the all-star game. I hope this is not a sign of things to come. Patience Melo… patience.

Hey Fred McGriff…Don’t worry about it Crime Dog. Your numbers and accomplishments make you a lock into Cooperstown … 500 homers would be special, but ain’t nobody mad at you.

There is so much wrong with college athletics it’s hard to begin with the number one problem. So just for us history buffs, I’ll throw this out there as the first thing colleges and universities need to recognize… The Emancipation Proclamation.