Box And One With Mo Peterson

By Wesley Chism Jr.
Updated: April 15, 2008

SEATTLE — The New Orleans Hornets are headed to the playoffs with a franchise-best 56 wins and a game remaining (against Dallas Wednesday night) in the regular season.

“It’s always exciting to be in the playoffs, that’s what you work for all season long,” stated Mo Peterson. I do believe that the Hornets caught a few people by surprise this season.

Coach Byron Scott has got these players buying into his system and believing in each other. There never was any doubt if MVP candidate Chris Paul could handle the point guard position.

“Chris Paul is a very special player and person”, added Peterson. “There aren’t too many guards in the NBA that pass the ball first and shoot second.”

“He does such a masterful job of getting the ball into the hands of the right player that’s in the best scoring position. He makes my job so much easier and I’m sure that my teammates would say the same thing.”

From the first day of training camp, it was a team goal of the New Orleans Hornets to continue building chemistry throughout the season. If you ever come into their locker room you can see that it has worked. Chris is always challenging someone to a bowling match or talking about his almost perfect game.

When Mo Peterson broke into the league with the Toronto Raptors he had veterans such as Charles Oakley, Kevin Willis, Mugsy Bogues and Dale Curry. “I was very fortunate to be around them”, said Peterson.

“Those guys stayed on me and taught me how to become a professional.”

“I’ve always taken that same approach and continue the tradition with my teammates here in New Orleans. Every player has to learn how to adjust to something and make personal sacrifices for the greater good of the team.”

“That could come in the form of playing time or playing another position.”

The playoffs are still a few days away and there are some many scenarios that are still up in the air I couldn’t begin to tell you who the Hornets will face. “It really doesn’t matter what you have done prior to now, the playoffs mark the beginning of a new season”, said Peterson

“The best advice that I can give my teammates is to take one game at a time. Don’t get ahead of yourself and focus on the team that’s on the court right now. Everything counts and one possession can determine the game.”

The New Orleans Hornets have been battling together all season long and the playoffs will not be any different. “I know what to expect from my teammates and I’m excited about all the possibilities”, said Peterson.

Get your popcorn ready, the playoffs are coming!