Box And One With Jeff Green

By Wesley Chism Jr.
Updated: April 6, 2008

SEATTLE — As the season comes to a close for the Seattle Sonics there are a lot of questions that are still up in the air. Will the Sonics be playing in Oklahoma and if so, how soon?

Will the lease agreement hold up in court and keep the team in Seattle for another two years? Which one of the Northwest residing billionaire is going to rescue the team?

One question that we can be answered is that Jeff Green is going to be a great player for many years to come in this league. “I believe that I started out slow but my playing time increased as I became more comfortable with the offensive schemes”, said Green

At press time, Green is averaging 9.9 pts, 4.6 rpg and 1.4 apg. Last month he scored a career high 23 points against the Utah Jazz. “I have worked very hard this season and have had my share of ups and downs and various bumps in the road”, said Green.

“There is some much to learn at this level and different aspects of the game that you have to master to become successful.”

Jeff has had some success this season as he represented Seattle in the Rookie Challenge with his teammate Kevin Durant. “That was very exciting for me after watching so many years as a child and then having the opportunity to be a part of that is very humbling”, Green said.

“What I will always remember most about the All-Star game is having the opportunity to speak with some of the veteran players and legends of the NBA and get different advice from them on how to become better or other things I should be working on.”

This summer Jeff will be working on completing his degree at Georgetown University. “I’ve got a few classes before completion but the sooner that I get started, the closer that I will be to walking across the stage with my cap and gown”, he added.

This season, Jeff didn’t come anywhere close to accomplishing his goals. “I’ve still have some much to learn specifically I need to practice more on my dribbling skills and become a better ball handler”, he said.

If I can become more productive it will help my teammates and nobody will feel like they have to carry my load.” Green is on the right track and he has taken as much knowledge as he can from every game, win or lose.

“I still have along way to go to be where I want to be but I couldn’t ask for a better coaching staff to get me there”, said Green.