Box And One With Bobby Jackson

By Wesley Chism Jr.
Updated: April 13, 2008

SEATTLE — When you look up the phrase “ultimate professional” in the dictionary, the name Bobby Jackson should appear. All he has done throughout his 10-year NBA career is exceed all expectations and play the game with fire and desire.

“I learned a long time ago how important it is to have people know that they can count on you regardless of the playing time that you may get”, Jackson said. “I am prepared to compete when I step out on the court and always leave it all out there every time.”

Jackson is a baller ya’ll, but sometimes it seems as if nobody wants him. He was traded by the Seattle Super Sonics before they ever gave him a uniform. Now that ain’t right.

He’s played for the Denver Nuggets, Minnesota Timberwolves, Sacramento Kings, New Orleans Hornets and now with the Houston Rockets. That’s a whole lot of rejection for one man to handle.

“It’s not rejection, it just means that someone wanted me more than my current employee and respect what I bring to the table and what I can do for this organization”, said Jackson.

It feels good to be wanted.”

This former Minnesota Gopher and the man affectionately known as “Action Jackson”, (while with the Sacramento Kings) has always had something to prove. He has played with a chip on his shoulder his entire career.

When he finished as runner-up in the NBA Sixth Man Award during the 2001-02 season to Corliss Williamson he didn’t say anything but, “I’ll show them”, he said.

The following year when the engraved the name on that trophy it read, Bobby Jackson — NBA Sixth Man Award. “When you come of the bench you have to have confidence in yourself and a clear understanding of what your role is with the team”, said Jackson.

That’s the most important thing and where some guys don’t succeed because a lot of people take for granted the effectiveness that can come from a group of players off the bench that will do the little things and give the starters a break or energize the team.”

“I want to always be the guy that’s going to change things when I step on the court.”

This season, Bobby has had a few nick knack injuries but able to maintain a level of consistency and that’s what is most important to him. “I’ve changed my diet completely and eat much healthier, lots of broccoli”, said Jackson.

To be in the league for all these years those things are important.”

Jackson is a certified veteran in the league but still finds it funny when some of the young guys come to him and ask for advice. “The first thing that I tell them is to stop eating all that junk and put those sodas down and get a bottle of water”, said Jackson.

“I tell these young players to stay humble and work hard. Don’t relax just because you made it to the NBA. Continue to work on the things that got you here and learn your craft.”

Over the years, Bobby has played with various people but really enjoyed playing with Kevin Garnett while the both were in Minnesota. “He’s a guy that brings it every night, completely fearless and loves the game of basketball”, said Jackson.

“He always would tell me to stay aggressive and play the game like it was mine.”

The playoffs are just a few days and way and it doesn’t matter if Bobby Jackson plays five minutes or 55 minutes. When he steps on the court it’s all about business and you better believe that things are going to change.