BASN Classic Blackbox:Out of the Bitter Cold

Updated: April 26, 2008

A BASN Classic BlackBox Originally Published: April 26,2007 OUT IN THE BITTER COLD AT THE NFL DRAFT


How quickly Glory can Fade

back in December in New York

Quarterback Troy Smith was

the Toast of College Football

in January Smith and fellow

Quarterback Chris Leak squared

off for the Championship of

College Football now Saturday


one or both not even Drafted

What happened ? It commonly goes by the name of The Real World. College football is well college football. The Heisman Trophy is well The Heisman Trophy. The NCAA National Championship is well the NCAA National Champion. Saturday is the Real Deal ……

……….. otherwise known as the National Football League. Which is even Bigger Business than the NCAA.

Where it is ALL business ALL the time. Where college awards and college championships mean NOTHING compared to the brutal detailed highly automated player prospect analysis ALL 32 NFL teams rely. In deciding who to pay the Big Bucks.

Word is that neither Heisman winner Troy Smith nor NCAA Champion Florida QB Chris Leak neither is impressing anyone specifically any of the 32 NFL teams. And Leak even less than Smith.

Both suffer from one problem that has been beyond their control since the day they were conceived deep inside their mothers’ wombs. They are too small. Specifically too short at “only” 6 ft or so to be a success in the world of NFL giant sized Gladiators. Something as simply as seeing over 6-foot-5 defensive linemen is a Big Problem.

Even more arm strength as measured to precision in the months preceding the Draft and same for accuracy these and many more biometrics churn through so called “super” computers and the brains of seasoned team coaches and scouts and it all comes down to a set of numbers that are then compared to those of other prospects AND existing players both on a particular team and others who might be available from among current NFL players.

The problem for Quarterbacks most of all in the NFL Draft is that if a team is seeking out the next franchise QB who will return that team to Glory only the very best in the Draft are believable in that role. Otherwise better to trade up within the existing NFL Quarterback stock or even better wait until “next” year and see who their picks might be lucky enough fetch them.

The fact is for the majority of NFL teams what they are looking for are not a new Starting Quarterback but better Backups just in case. Here NFL Draft players fare worst of all.

For a Quarterback whose job is clearly to stand on the sidelines in the hope he is never needed, there is a rich crop of seasoned NFL QBs who have from their perspective that “unfortunate” role well rehearsed. Who teams are willing to trade around in hopes of getting someone a little better Not risk the season on a rookie QB they never envision becoming their Starter.

Troy Smith should

get “lucky” sometime

late Sunday afternoon when

everyone is half a sleep he’ll

probably be a late round pick

as for Chris Leak if he gets

picked at all it will be a Miracle

worth him getting on his knees

to Praise the Lord Above

with absolute certainty neither will

be in NYC Saturday for the Show

they’ll be watching on ESPN

cause it’s Brutal out there

at Radio City Music Hall

better to be sitting warm

back at home

reminding themselves some

of the best NFL players

never got Drafted at all

think Warren Moon