Basketball’s New Dream Team?

By Eric D. Graham
Updated: April 2, 2008


NORTH CAROLINA — Congratulations to CBS for it’s excellent coverage of March Madness in which it has successfully broadcasted 31 basketball games since March 20th to March 30th.

Despite several blow outs in the Elite Eight, CBS still managed to hold its viewers attention even while switching from one game to the next.

Executive producer Tony Petitti’s combination of University of Maryland alumnus Len Elmore and Howard University graduate Gus Johnson is an excellent mixture of wisdom and wit.

Elmore’s conservative commentary and bourgeois baritone voice compliments Johnson’s high pitch enthusiastic play-by-play.

Elmore, who is also a lawyer dissects the game with the analytical precision as if he were in the courtroom, while Johnson screams at the top of his lungs with the passion of a college student with every exciting moment.

Johnson, in my opinion, has capture the essence of college basketball and the spirit of March Madness just as Dick Vitale once did.

Due to Johnson’s passionate play-play, he actually has a vocal highlight reel of his most memorable moments on Youtube.

Along with Johnson and Elmore, CBS also has veteran announcers Greg Gumbel and Clark Kellogg on its broadcast team breaking down the brackets and making sense of March Madness with accuracy and professionalism.

This is truly an all-star team worth listening to so sit back, enjoy the games and root for your favorite team.

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