April 15 It’s Baseball’s Minstrel Show

Updated: April 13, 2008


Here she comes making

her BIG annual show

of support for Bud

Selig and the Bad

Boys of Summer

the one and only

Rachel Robinson

And here is Jackie Robinson SPINNING in his grave as he does EVERY April 15th but even faster since somebody came up with the “brilliant” idea two years ago that “everybody” wear Number 42 on April 15th in EVERY Major League Baseball game.

April 15th has now been INSTITUTIONALIZED

by Major League Baseball they have decided

“honoring” Jackie Robinson is so

SUCCESSFUL in deflecting

Criticism of the LACK of

AFRICAN Americans

in Baseball

First there was the 50th anniversary way back in 1997 with everybody involved including Former President Bill Clinton was there at Shea Stadium with just about everyone who was any one in the Black Community EXCEPT of course Tiger Woods sent his regrets. It should have been his regrets that he does not want to be called an African American.

Anyway …..

Bud Selig and the Bad Boys of Summer aka the 30 MLB owners decided it was such a success in making Baseball look good for and with African Americans they said why not do this every April 15th and they have. But it was only two years ago that someone whether it was someone in the MLB hierarchy or Ken Griffey. Jr. or some other knuckle head who decided why not wear Jackie Robinson’s sacred number 42 on April 15th. And Bud Selig said YESYESYES and by last year players were falling all over themselves to wear #42 on their uniforms on April 15. Now entire teams want to wear #42 this April 15th like the African American manager ( one of 3 in the Majors ) of the Texas Rangers.

Here is what is coming

BET ON IT next year

Bud Selig will ORDER

every player to wear 42

yes all 750 of them plus

managers, coaches, etc.

And yes this is what we call April 15th a modern day MINSTREL show all these players running around on April 15th big SMILES on their faces especially the few African American players beaming because they are all wearing #42 on April 15th. Of course the very very obvious IRONY goes right past everyone except the Black Box that there will be far more WHITE and Latino players wearing #42 than African American players.

Here is a far better idea for the AFRICAN American players

all of them should wear #7 in “honor” (sic) of the fact

the number of African Americans is down to 7%

Jackie Robinson would appreciate that gesture

HERE IS THE POINT BASEBALL FANS. Not once NOT ONCE in all these years Bud Selig and the Boys have been gushing over April 15th not once have they made any announcement on April 15th to do anything about the decline of African Americans in Baseball as both players ( coaches too ) and as fans. NOTHING.

Here is how easy and “non-threatening” it would be

Bus Selig could announce on Tuesday this April 15th that MLB is creating a commission – they create lots of other study groups – a commissioner of outstanding Americans Black and White to study the decline, to take testimony about the decline AND then to make specific recommendations to address the decline of African Americans in Baseball.


Such an innocent proposal such an obvious proposal is a THREAT to Bud Selig and the Bad Boys of Summer because there real intent is to do absolutely nothing about the decline of African Americans in Baseball. Please do NOT mention the baseball academy in Compton, CA. If Bus Selig established a commission that would highlight the problem and worst of all they would make some recommendations. Which would mean Bud and the Boys would at least have to figure out some creative ways to AVOID implementing any of them.

We are so Smart in the Box we will tell you

what the MAJOR recommendation will be

Guaranteed positively bank on it. That Baseball use the exact very successful model that has been used in Latin America especially in the Dominican Republic by MLB and each of the individual 30 teams to develop talent there in Latin America.

That a similar program but one costing less as a single program to which all teams contribute over a period of 10 years would produce a tremendous increase of African American players in the Majors. Maybe even back to the 30% or so level reached at the height of Blacks in MLB Baseball back in the early to mid 1980s.

So what is wrong with a Commission

it is a NIGHTMARE scenario for

Bud and the Boys they would

have to really do something

instead all they have to do

is give Rachel Robinson

another FAT check on

April 15th and enjoy


Show again.