A Good First Impression

By BASN Wire Services
Updated: April 4, 2008

PERU — Team Jamaica was off to a good start at the 2008 World Masters Surfing Championships in Peru Saturday. Three of the team made it through their opening heats to the second round.

Drum Drummond in the Masters Division made a strong showing to hold on to second place and the advance to the next round. Eugene Miller in the same division also took second in his first round heat thus guaranteeing his place in the second round.

Grand Masters Michal Mair finished second in his first round also and advanced to the second round while Nigel Benjamin also in the Grand Master division finished third and was relegated to the repercharge rounds.

The other two surfers who competed were Kahunas Billy Wilmot and Pierre Diaz who finished 3rd and 4th in their respective first round heats and will have to access their second chance in the event in the first round of the Repercharges or loosers round.

The surf is expected to increase in size steadily foor the next two days an will pose a formidable task for Jamaican Grand Master Yerrence Muschette and Master Woman surfer Qacquiann Lawton who will surf their first round heats Sunday.

Billy Wilmot and Pierre Diaz will surf their first round repercharge heats in the Kahunas division later Sunday.

Progress of the event can be seen live at the live video link found at www.isasurf.org.