A BASN Interview With DeSean Jackson

By Bill Neri-Amadeo
Updated: April 22, 2008

LANSING, Mich. — We recently had the opportunity to sit down with California University wide receiver DeSean Jackson. He’s one of the best receiving prospect in the years and has the chance to make an impact both as a wide receiver and a return man.

Known for his speed and leaping ability, the interview with Jackson showed just how grateful he is to his family and how much he loves being a team player.

BASN: What was it like growing up in Los Angeles?

D.J.: It was great. My family did a great job keeping teaching me the value of school and sports.

BASN: Did your family encourage you to play football growing up?

D.J.: All of the time. My brother Byron and he and my dad always instilled the importance of football.

BASN: Your brother Byron played for the Kansas City Chiefs in the early 90’s and was a star wide receiver in college. Did he help your game while you were growing up?

D.J.: Byron worked with me all of the time and brought a lot to the table. I appreciate everything Byron has done for me.

BASN: What was it like playing at Polytechnic High School?

D.J.: It was an incredible experience. Following in the footsteps of players like Marcedes Lewis and Winston Justice helped me a lot. My time there really helped shape my game.

BASN: You played defensive back in the CIF Southern Championship game in high school and excelled at it. Did you want to play defense in college?

D.J.: I really wanted to play both ways but my coaches wanted me to concentrate on offense and special teams.

BASN: You were a major league baseball prospect in high school. What made you choose football over baseball?

D.J.: I always enjoyed playing baseball and was told I had a chance to play professionally but football was always my first love.

BASN: What made you decide to go to Cal?

D.J.: It was a great program and a chance to expand my game and be part of an up and coming team.

BASN: What was your most memorable game in college?

D.J.: There were so many that I look back at that were important to me it’s hard to pick just one.

BASN: Do you have regrets from your college career?

D.J.: None.

BASN: Who was your toughest opponent in college?

D.J.: Definitely USC.

BASN: What was it like playing in the 2007 Armed Forces Bowl?

D.J: It was a great experience and I’m glad we came out on top.

BASN: What did you think of your experience at the NFL Combine?

D.J.: Incredible. I had never experienced anything like that before. All of the coaches and GM’s were there and we were all on display. I loved my time at the combine.

BASN: What was the process of picking an agent out?

D.J.: It was a pretty smooth experience.

BASN: Who did you pick?

D.J.: DeBartolo Sports. They really care about me and my career.

BASN: What was your favorite team growing up?

D.J.: The Dallas Cowboys.

BASN: Favorite player?

D.J.: Jerry Rice. He was incredible.

BASN: What coach was most instrumental in helping your game?

D.J.: I had so many great coaches and I feel I took something from everyone of them.

BASN: Is there any current or former player you model your game after?

D.J.: Steve Smith from the Carolina Panthers. I admire the way he moves after he catches the ball.

BASN: Many people rave about your speed, leaping ability and courage to cross the middle. What do you feel is your best asset?

D.J.: My will to win and help my team.

BASN: Is there any system you would prefer to play in?

D.J.: I have no preference. I just want the chance to contribute.

BASN: Many scouts say you’re the best special teams prospect since Devin Hester. What do you think it takes to excel on special teams?

D.J.: Special teams play is unique. I think for anyone to excel on special teams they have to have a feel for the ball and confidence to hit the holes. Special teams is all about feel and confidence.

BASN: If you weren’t going to play in the NFL, what would you do for a career?

D.J.: I’d want to work with youths and run football camps and be a business owner.

BASN: What are your plans for draft day?

D.J.: I just want to be around my family and wait for that moment.

BASN: Why should an NFL team pick DeSean Jackson?

D.J.: I have a lot of heart and dedication and I’m willing to help my team in any way I can.

Whoever lands DeSean Jackson in the 2008 NFL Draft is going to get a top notch receiver, an incredible return man and someone who always puts his team first. It is clear that Jackson is grateful for everything his family has done for him and the young man will be the consummate team player in the NFL.