1936 2008 The Same Different

Updated: April 11, 2008


The reigning opinion

regarding the 1936

Olympics is that Good

triumphed over Evil

due to Jesse Owens


Yes Jesse Owens was the defining athlete of the Berlin Olympics and yes he certainly was Black. But that has led to the conclusion voiced over and over again ever since that in winning those Medals and convincingly Jesse Owens DESTROYED the Nazi concept of Aryan Supremacy. Really. Sounds like misplaced propaganda here.

The fact is no matter what Owens did

no matter how much he was lionized

for his historic performance

Pales in comparison to the VALUE the Nazis got from hosting the 1936 Olympics. The Olympics put a Friendly Face on this Regime from Hell. The REALITY is the rest of the Western World was lulled into a sense of false security by the Nazis hosting this pivotal international event and gave Germany and Hitler cover for their devious plans.

Here is what almost no one today realizes

Jesse Owens in the months leading up to the 1936 Olympics endorsed be it hesitantly an American BOYCOTT of the Berlin Olympics. More to the point an official vote among the American athletes for boycotting the Olympics lost by only 5 votes.

Think of what would have happened

if the Boycott vote had won which

would have kept he USA out

First of all that would have hit the Nazis hard and truly have undermined their “credibility.” More than likely many other countries would have followed the USA lead especially since Europe in particular Britain and France were already leery of newly re-armed Germany under Hitler. They were unlikely to have shown support for Hitler by going while the Americans were showing their Olympic disdain.

Indeed it is quite plausible to argue had the Berlin Olympics collapsed with only Nazi supporters competing that would have been a POWERFUL blow to Adolph Hitler. That he may well responded with rage before he was in a position to try and devastate Europe in effect wakening his position and alerting the world to his REAL plans while at home his fearful enemies in Germany would have drawn strength from his failure.

Here in the United States for sure

American opinion would have been galvanized against Nazi Germany years before it actually was and not until AFTER Hitler had done so much damage and murdered as many. There is certainly a well established lobby of historians and others who contend IF the USA had entered the War in Europe sooner or even just been more supportive of Britain and France earlier Hitler would have been stopped before much of his Reign of Terror took place.

Before we get the DUMB question yet again

for this Box YES this is about Sports


SPORTS and the Real World

You are reading here how ONE Sports event and ONE African American athlete in particular Jesse Owens IMPACTED history in a remarkable way. But what you are LEARNING here is that conventional “wisdom” that Jesse Owens did so much GOOD going to Berlin and winning Olympic Gold – is subject to a very powerful counter-argument that it was all a VERY BIG MISTAKE that we should LEARN from. That African American “power” as little of it as there is should be appropriately applied.

Which brings us to 2008 and China

NO CHINA IS NOT NAZI GERMANY in the 21st century. But China is a repressive DICTATORSHIP seeking to gain priceless goodwill and positive attention for itself while the Communist Regime that controls China and supports atrocities in Tibet and Darfur, jails ALL Chinese who seek human rights within China, and which oppresses hundreds of millions of sustenance peasants who live outside of urban centers.

The QUESTION which so many want to avoid

is what have we learned from 1936 and

HOW should we apply it to the Olympics

taking place in Beijing China in 2008

Let’s say we take Boycott off the table as unlikely even inappropriate. Should that mean we and AFRICAN American athletes to the point show up do not but SMILE just as the Chinese “leadership” want, compete silently and go home happy. Absolutely not.

Because if we do and it is what we may end up doing nothing BUT IF WE do this Olympics will go down in history as only second to 1936 as the most SHAMEFUL ever.

Because to do NOTHING will give validity to the Chinese dictators they do not deserve this kind of goodwill and worst of all provide them the facade of respectability to continue to operate the largest Orwellian DICTATORSHIP in human history with far less hope for reform and change than before they fooled the world with the Olympics in 2008.

World leaders must NOT attend the OPENING

or CLOSING Ceremonies in Beijing

especially George Bush who says

he is definitely going

SHAME on him

( yet again )



if they are not shameless

supporters of Oppression

any gesture is worthwhile

some GOOD examples are

wearing BLACK arm bands

at both the Opening &

Closing Ceremonies and

YES raising a clenched fist on

the Medals platform after

winning Medals

in the Spirit of

Smith & Carlos

at the 1968