Who’s Your Caddy Could It Be Tiger

Updated: March 10, 2008


Who's Your Caddie Movie Poster


That’s right Buick is running some dumb contest you are never going to win to get Tiger Woods to caddy for you for 9 holes ( did you expect 18 ?? ) BIG F-ING DEAL We needed something to T off on today. And this “breaking” story will do. We could not figure out an Eliot Spitzer tie in to Sport for the Box – well maybe if we really tried – but we’ll settle for Tiger he’s a funny guy too like the X-NY Governor.

Of course Tiger and BUICK are smart this cute contest is getting them lots of FREE advertising the best kind. We even fell into this sand trap. But that’s OK it’s just a good excuse for us to go DEEP as we always do.

What we may have done is find you a little gem of a Sports Comedy movie you never would have ever found otherwise. Buried sp deep below a pile of far better known and marketed movies on DVD. It might never have been noticed by anyone if not for us.

Sure we could have written about Tiger again. And do something very Satirical about Tiger and BLACK caddies which of course don’t exist any more on the PGA Tour when in the past that at least got African Americans close to Big League Golf. Now being a Caddy on the TOUR is a very big DEAL and White Guys clamor for the opportunity.

As far as Tiger goes You are far more likely to see a Black President than TIGER WOODS WITH A BLACK CADDY. Maybe in some alternate universe another dimension far far far out in space NOT ON THIS PLANET. Tiger Wood with a BLACK caddy heck somebody might say ” look at those two AFRICAN Americans Tiger and his caddy.” That won’t do.

PLEASE spare us more Tiger BS so yes back to the movie What better than a review from the New York Times. Yes The Times actually reviewed WHO’S YOUR CADDY when it made its very very brief appearance in theatres last summer. Here is what The Times said …

” There’s probably more wit and pointed social commentary in the average four minute OutKast song than in the entirety of “Who’s Your Caddy?” (extra points, though, for the title), a comedy starring OutKast’s Big Boi, a k a Antwan Patton.


” “Caddy” bills itself as a battle of “the street vs. the elite,” but mainly it’s hip-hop bad behavior vs. dumb-white-people bad behavior. On the elite side, there’s the club president, played by Jeffrey Jones, a villain who comes in for more than his share of actor abuse (blows to the groin, horse manure). The street, of course, is C-Note and his crew.”

” One problem: C-Note went to Dartmouth (major: business; minor: English), which is about as street as, well, the Carolina Pines. You’d think this college boy would be savvier about storming the gates of privilege. Instead he lands on the grounds in a helicopter, blares music from his pimped-out golf cart and keeps his crew with him at all times to crack bad jokes and pass vast quantities of gas. (In a twist, members of the club seem to love all this.)” THAT’S IT yes the entire review Maybe giving you The New York Times review was not such a good idea ? Maybe we’ll try some anonymous blog like review and see how we do …..

” It’d be very, very easy to write off Who’s Your Caddy? entirely. One of those comedies where black people smoke pot and direct rap videos while white people wear collared shirts and play golf, it’s little more than a vehicle for a lot of fart jokes, midget jokes and all kinds of slapstick humor. If you thought Caddyshack was too classy, this might be just what you were looking for.” There’s more …..

” The lackadaisical plot, cheesy jokes and lack of originality make Caddy nothing more than a trashy comedy, but at least it’s occasionally an entertaining one. Full disclosure: I saw this movie primarily because it was filmed in my hometown of Aiken, South Carolina, and expected to spend the whole time scanning the crowd for extras I recognized. The fact that my attention stayed with the action is testament in the film’s favor– but it still didn’t make me any less anxious to leave when its 90 minutes were up.”

OUCH maybe reviews weren’t a good idea ??

MAYBE we should have stuck with Tiger he really is FUNNY in a satirical way as for the movie judge yourself here is the link to the Site http://www.whosyourcaddythemovie.com/ or maybe you would prefer to play Tee Off With Tiger who knows you might win

Tamala Jones