When Did Gambling Become A Sport?

By Eric D. Graham
Updated: March 5, 2008

NORTH CAROLINA — Ladies and gentlemen, brothers & sisters, boys & girls: When did Gambling become a sport? A horse is a horse. Of course. Of course.

I guess, the rich and wealthy can bet on the Kentucky Derby with grace and dignity. Even the Queen of England can show up and place a bet on her favorite stallion but this would be so “uncivilized if we did this? (According to them?) I mean, with all the “gambling” or “so-called betting” on baseball, the recent Tim Donaghy scandal, the banning of Pete Rose from the Hall Fame, the NBA All-Star Game in Las Vegas, and the Patriots being a two-touchdown favorite over the Giants somebody needs to say something? (Right or wrong).

Sports and gambling have always had an adulterous relationship.Plus, boxing and gambling has always been a marriage made in Hell. But do you remember how they treated Michael Jordan when they found out he was a gambler?

Now ESPN has decided to dedicate six hours of air-time to poker!!

Wait a minute!!

There is a World Series of Poker being airing on ESPN for 24 hours. You can’t be serious. What is the world coming to? I am not a player hater but when did poker players became professional athletes?

What’s their training routine: two packs cigarettes a day and a fifth of Hennessey? And why hasn’t anybody recruited my Uncle Percy yet?

I bet (notice my clever wordplay) BET (Black Exploitation Television) will be hosting a celebrity Spades tournament next!! My cousin Pokey and Tim-Tim have now found their new career paths?

Honestly, it seems as if, it is always legal when people of color are not controlling the purse or the prize or the money. O.K. prohibition and Al Capone destroys that theory.

But hey, we have always “ran” numbers in our community. Even my Grandma had a “dream book,” but the fuzz “shut us down”. Now the government and “illegal crime” join forces to create D.C. Lotto in order to build better schools for the “kids” (Yeah Right!) Even NASCAR, was started by “juicing up” their cars so they could out run the police so they could deliver that “moonshine” bootleg liquor.

Ask Uncle Jessie and the Dukes of Hazzard in the General Lee with the Confederate Flag on the hood. (Psychological interesting) Now, it’s a sport?

If ESPN, is going to make poker the “new” national pastime why can’t the brothers in hood playing cards at the local “yellow-house” or the local juke joint or “hole in the wall” have their own poker tournaments without the cops busting up the party.

Don’t get any crazy ideas! I will not bail you out of jail!! So all bets are officially off!!!

Sorry, ESPN…….Poker is NOT a sport!!