The Ghosts of the Grays Lurk In The Shadows

Updated: March 28, 2008


How many times have you

heard the NONSENSE that

RICH people are NO happier

than the REST of us

Well there is no doubt it’s a LIE if you are a Washington Nationals fan. Baseball’s newest Pleasure Dome will be open to the “public” (sic) for the first time on Sunday for an exhibit game with the Atlanta Braves preceding Monday’s Opening Day.

IF you can afford Nationals Park along side the Anacostia River overlooking the Capitol especially the best it has to offer you are in for a many splendored experience game after game after game all season long. Day or night. Whoever is playing. Whether the Nationals are winning or losing you will ENJOY yourself.

It will be quite an Experience

You could say – at least satirically – we are certainly evolving as a Species no matter what might be happening in Kenya or Tibet or “better” in most of Washington DC’s neighborhoods – we are evolving quickly as a Species if your view especially at the NEW Nationals Stadium is the convergence of Sports and the experience of Baseball.

IF you ca afford it going to a Game at Nationals Park will be comparable to what Baseball would be like in Heaven but without needing to pay that “price” for the Experience. Lots of fans may be dying to get into Nationals Park but for the RICH it will all come alive without dying at all. The game on the Field will be there every bit as much as it has been the last 100 plus years if that is your only interest and even if it is the experience the intimacy will be heightened certainly in the very EXPENSIVE seats.

Those that come with the Luxury Suites

But the real JOY of Baseball in DC beginning tomorrow and forever more – or at least till the new park grows old – the real JOY will be the counter-point between the game itself and the larger experience surrounding it. Sights, sounds, tastes and viewing experiences that the wealthy be they corporate or personal ( if there is a difference ) will experience.

Beginning with the special entrances RESERVED for luxury suite owners and members of various private stadium clubs. From there once in the Nationals Park guided by special attendants to private elevators and stairways wrapped in luxury that take you to carpeted hallways away from the riff raff who simply bought $75 reserve seats nothing more.

Before we continue this Journey of Discovery

if it is really necessary if we have some

mentally challenged Box readers we

have already established this Box’s

STORY line just as you will

RARELY see an African American player on the Diamond at Nationals Park African Americans are going to be rarer still as fans and RAREST of all here in the RAREfied settings where the Elites will experience ……

Baseball as never before as they gaze into the distance far beyond the state of the art larger than life HD re-play display and deep into DC looking into to some of the most impoverished neighborhoods in urban America hidden from view.

One more caveat before we return to Xanadu

YES there will be some noticeable AFRICAN

Americans in the LUXURY suites Members of

Congress who will always be the HONORED

guests of the Corporate and other Elites who

OWN the luxury suites and Club members

ENOUGH senseless diversions back

to the GOOD stuff …

Well Box Fans who are all treated to the Best here no matter your financial standing unless of course you want to send us a very large gracious contribution we do have some special stuff send us an email …… anyway back to Nationals Park.

For your pleasure the entire design of the new stadium is based on a single wonderful concept. That the Luxury Boxes and the Club restaurants, lounges and special viewing areas should be the driving design element so that for the Elite the combination of watching the game as you wish “integrates” (get it) with the sensual pleasures of drinking and dining and interacting with colleagues, friends and family to heighten the experience of Baseball to something never experienced before.

YES private bathrooms too of course

Wrapped in a private luxurious cocoon actually a wide variety of cocoon options separated from the “average” fans in all sorts of ways big and small but with “them” there clearly as extras in your super-natural experience, the luxury boxes and private clubs are positioned to offer most of the best view corridors in the stadium for enjoying the game while allowing you to decide how deeply immersed in the game you wish to making it your central focus or if you prefer as many will as “background music” to satisfying your other senses.

Take the journey yourself don’t

rely on our exquisite description

take a virtual tour the only one

you are ever likely to take to all

of the pleasures of the park

provide by the Nationals

FREE to all of us at ….

And let is conclude by identifying LASTINGS as African American Lastings Milledge formerly of the New York Mets now of the Washington Nationals. The NEW stadium with its likewise luxurious club houses and FREE seats for the players’ family and friends might account for why Lastings seemed so HAPPY to leave NY for DC.

As for the Washington GRAYS who the new Washington franchise should have been named for but of course never ever would have been. Imagine giving a MLB team the name of the greatest Negro League team and which made their home in Washington, DC, and DC with its overwhelmingly African American population. PREPOSTEROUS !

So let us leave you today

reassured in the knowledge

you are now aware Our

Human Race is evolving

to spectacular new heights

as proven so very well by

the NEW Nationals Park

where the Rich will better

better the Super-Rich

experience Baseball

as NEVER before !

Play Ball $$$$


New National Park was paid in full for and is supposedly “owned” by the Good People of Washington, DC compliments of the DC Mayor and City Council.