‘The Ghost’ Grows Up

By Tom Donelson
Updated: March 2, 2008

GlovesIOWA CITY, Ia. — Robert Guerrero grew up on SHOBOX and on February 28, he fought his best fight against Jason “The American Boy” Litzau, one of those exciting fighters who eschew defense in favor of attack.

But against Guerrero, Litzau was mere putty in Guerrero’s hand. Every attack thwarted and every Guerrero offensive found its target with ease. For a one-sided fight, this had some excitement for we saw a young fighter make the next step toward stardom and the upper elite of his division.

Litzau is one of the taller featherweights, but he could not handle the inside fighting of Guerrero, who began his career as a defensive star but as he became more experienced, the fighter called the ghost found a home as an inside fighter.

However, despite moving on the inside of the taller Litzau, Guerrero showed his defensive prowess. In one stretch, Litzau failed to hit once in a six-punch combination.

In the eighth round, Guerrero ended the fight with two knockdowns with a powerful combination and retained his IBF championship.

In the first fight, Travis Walker was looking for revenge. In his previous fight with T.J. Wilson, he did not even survived 20 seconds. (Many felt that the fight was stopped too soon but the result was still a devastating defeat for Walker.)

In the rematch, Walker not only survived the opening round but his power started to show instantly. Both fighters pounded each other but Walker punches had more pop.

In the second round, a Walker upper cut started a combination that ended the fight. As the upper cut staggered Wilson, Walker went for the kill as he unleashed a volley of punches and never allowed Wilson to get off the rope.

Wilson did not attempt to clinch and it wasn’t long before he could no longer defend himself. Going into the first fight, Walker was an undefeated heavyweight but his loss to Wilson put his career in jeopardy.

Walker’s victory on SHOBOX puts his career back on track.

While waiting for another championship shot, Sechew Powell fought Kevin Finley but this fight hardly lasted beyond the original announcements. Powell nailed Finley with a straight left and then followed up with series of blows that ended the fight against the outmatched Finley.

Powell’s biggest lost was to Kassim Ouma and since then he has been biding his time for another shot at the Junior Middleweight championship.

Meanwhile, Antwun Echols tried to keep his Super Middleweight career going as he fought late replacement Michael Walker in a 10-round match. This fight had its ebb and flow but the pace was determined by Walker.

When he was aggressive, he dominated the fight but when he cuffed his hands around his ears, Echols took advantage to counter. Walker went through periods of allowing Echols to stay in the bout but when he pressed his advantage, his strength showed as Echols moved back.

Walker never seemed to have the confidence to fight every minute of every round and in the end; all he got was a majority draw. This was a competitive fight and Echols was lucky that Allen Green did not show and Walker did in his place or this would have been a long night for Echols.

He kept his career going but not by much. If he had fought Green as originally schedule; his career would have been over as a serious contender. A majority draw allows him to keep his status as a possible contender.