SWTA Sectionals Set For Dallas

By BASN Wire Services
Updated: March 10, 2008

DALLAS — The Freeman Junior Development Program will host the Southwest Tennis Association Sectional Championships (SWTA) of the American Tennis Association (ATA) in Dallas from Friday, March 14 to Sunday the 16th.

The SWTA provides an opportunity for junior and adult tennis players to meet and compete against many players in the Rainbow League, the Weekend Warriors and the American Tennis Association.

Players from the Western, Eastern and Mid-Western Sections of the ATA use this event as a warm up for the upcoming Nationals in Miami, Florida in July 2008.

Guest clinicians and presenters for the SWTA include John Wilkerson; William Byrd; Bert Milliner, who currently serves as Vice President of the Southwest Tennis Association; and William Washington, who will also be signing his book, “Four In One Tennis Experience.”

A celebrity Pro-Am event will be held on Saturday at The Golf Club of Dallas involving the guest clinicians and presenters and local celebrities including Dallas Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway, nationally syndicated radio personality Tom Joyner, KKDA morning show personality Willis Johnson, and Jacqueline West, Program Director of the Community Youth Development Program (CYD) under which the Freeman Junior Development Program serves as a subcontractor.

The weekend will also include a meeting of the Southwest Tennis Association and a special party for all SWTA participants.

The SWTA includes junior and senior singles and doubles events for players to register and participate in matches. First round matches will start the evening of March 14.

Entrants from out of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex will play first round matches beginning the morning of March 15. Deadline for registration is March 10th.

All SWTA matches will be played in Dallas at The Golf Club of Dallas located at 2200 Red Bird Lane and the Kiest Tennis Center located at 2324 West Kiest Boulevard.

NOTE: For more information on the SWTA and registration, contact the Freeman Junior Development Program at 214-339-7370 .