Surf’s Up At Yallahs High

By BASN Wire Services
Updated: March 19, 2008

JAMAICA — Yallahs High School in West Saint Thomas, has become the very first school in Jamaica to offer surfing as an extra curricular activity option for students.

The program was received excitedly by the student population and initially over 70 enthusiastic students signed up but after initial interviews, half of these students had to be redirected to register for learn to swim classes before they would be accepted to the surf program.

JSA President Billy Wilmot was very upbeat when mentioning the fledgling program. “It has always been a dream of the JSA to witness the day that surfing would become a sport within reach of Jamaican students through an organized learn to surf program in local schools.”

“Now we have achieved this with the first instructed lessons which were carried out back on March 9th at Cable Hut beach by surf instructors from The JSA and Jamnesia Surf Club with the first 10 students”.

The children who took part were very happy to be a part of the program and did very well at their first lesson. Instructors thought that there are a number of very promising youngsters enrolled in the program which is good news for the future of Jamaican surfing.

The intention, explained Mr. Wilmot, is to expand the program to additional schools around the eastern seaboard ultimately resulting in the establishment of the Jamaica National Scholastic Surfing Championships which would see schools competing for National Championship honors in a series of events held around the northeast and southeast costal areas.

NOTE: Other schools interested in getting involved in the Schools Surfing Program may contact the Jamaica Surfing Association at or phone 876-750-0103 for further information.