Straight No Chaser: Savagery Excused

By Desi Cortez
Updated: March 13, 2008

Damnation: noun condemnation to eternal punishment in hell; exclamation expressing anger or frustration.

DENVER — Now if I understand the game of tit-for-tat correctly; isn’t what’s good for the Black Quarterback…. good for the White golfer?

No, I’m not talking about Tiger.

Pro Golfer Tripp Isenhour has been charged with cruelty to animals after repeatedly driving balls at a Red Shouldered hawk, ultimately killing the bird while in the process of filming his television show, Shoot Like a Pro.

The bird’s squawking irradiated and distracted Isenhour to the point of …. murder. They got it all on video.

Summation; Isenhour purposefully killed a creature of God. Intentionally, and with malice, repeatedly took aim – until he was successful in striking the bird… killing the bird.

Unto itself, this cold blooded random attack appears to compare to the barbaric actions of Vick. But White America is not inflamed by Isenhours Conan-like behavior.

But here in the aftermath of this horrific incident, and all I see is the Humane Society, firing a letter off to the PGA headquarters, but, hardly a peep out of PETA?

Why no outrage, no widespread denouncement and public outcry? These are the Ol’ McDonald-had-a-farm animal fanatics, who protest the murdering of dogs, cats, minks (giant rat), Pythons, lizards, stand on street corners naked, These are the folks who put Bambi, Big Foot, Flipper and Smokey-the-Bear higher on the humanity ladder than starving babies in Biloxi, Bangkok or Brazil…..

Yet there is no national outcry from the Ellie Mae Clampette disciples.

As I pen this column, there’s a story on the official PETA website denouncing cockfighting. If I understand it correctly, hawks are in the same family as Roosters. Where’s the moral rage?

I’m sure PETA will offer a damnation of the unpleasant incident — that’s what they’re in-the-business-of. But where’s the picket signs? Where are the people out in front of PGA headquarters screaming and yelling about the inhumanity of it all?

Where are the protesters at your local golf course? Where is the national boycott of all PGA sponsors? Why isn’t the sports press at Isenhour’s house?

Where’s ESPN and FOX Sports with their in depth dissection of this tragedy.

None of it’s anywhere to be found. You want to know why?

As a nation of hunters and fisherman, few honesty give a damn about the barbaric behavior of Isenhour. I’d wager most find it funny. Now if a NBA basketball hoopster (tattoos, braids and bronze skin) had took aim at a damn near-endangered bird with a basketball or one of those Indian war-canoes they call a shoe, and taken this little feathered fellah out…. Boy, the animal loving rednecks would be coming out the wood works.

Get a rope.

Instead, what we get from the sports world is rationalizing, minimizing, and at some point a few fools behind keyboards will actually attempt to justify Isenhours actions. Again, why? Because

Isenhour is an official member of the White Guy Country Club. That membership…earns him a bye, a pass in the court of public opinion – which maintains two distinctly different sets of standards and rules for guys like Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and Matt Leinhart, as opposed to Mike Vick or say Barry Bonds.

So, here we go again, yet another opportunity to witness different strokes…. for different folks. Especially – white folks. Yet another bending of all the blinking rules, another compromising of the principles and ethics, the structural integrity of a nation which bills itself as color blind, the land of equality.

I’m not one to pull too-many punches – The Vick affair wasn’t about people caring so much about man’s best friend – Dog pounds across America are full of abandoned dogs on death roll, and hundreds of people are issued tickets everyday for abusing or neglecting dogs.

It is much more about Vick being punished – in order to send a message to Blacks. Boy, you taint never so big and bad and rich, that your Black ass can’t be touched.”

It’s the “You’re never above being a nigger” message being sent out in unswerving and calculated terms.

Can I tell the truth? White guys didn’t like Vick’s looks. He was too dark, didn’t smile enough which makes White guys uncomfortable. White America likes colorful jesters like Michael Strahan or TO.

Vick seemed to be way-too confident (cocky, arrogant, i.e. uppity) for the “ah golly gee” Gomer Pyle Idaho to Indiana fan base.

Unarguably the most significant threat Vick presents; the ability to transform the Quarterback position the way Marion Montley, Jim Brown, Gale Sayers, OJ Simpson and Walter Peyton redefined the running back position – raise and alter the bar, so that 95% of white guys can’t meet it….. Exclusion, based on physical, mental and emotional limitations.

Perhaps I should’ve used cornerback, receiver, the game of Basketball, the art of boxing, as an example of “how” a sport, or a position within a sport goes Black…. it never goes back to the fake artificial make believe domination white guys tried to present as the natural order of the world.

Oh well. The truth’s a bitch. Vick had to be stopped. The white guy in the sports bar knows it, but the game’s intelligencia can’t admit it. They want to pretend to be above the racial biases of their fathers and grand fathers. They’ve evolved.

That’s it in a nutshell, do with it – what you will, but the dog fighting and gambling – simply served as excuses to derail No. 7’s career, hang-on to the golden boy position just a little longer, before a player like Vick comes along and becomes the new blueprint.

The dogs were merely a means to do so.

Tripp Isenhour, the savage that he is, is grossly benefitting from this hear no evil about a white athlete, see no evil done by White athletes and speak nor write no evil about a White athlete company line – which is prevalent if not ingrained in the mind of the White sports writer and fan.