Sports & Life One And The Same

Updated: March 14, 2008


For those who tell us

Barack Obama has no

place being covered

in Sports nor should

we call the Clintons

Racists here

Presenting “Black Magic” the pre-acclaimed upcoming 4 hour documentary on ESPN Sunday and Monday evenings If you miss this you might as well miss Life itself. Here is LIFE told from the Other Side. From the Sports side.

The integration of College Basketball in the South is as much about every other aspect of Segregation as it is about the Sport of Basketball. HBCU basketball the precise subject of the Documentary is the development and determination of African American talent in the midst of a very hostile environment.

From the mid-1940s to the early 1970s Historically Black Colleges and Universities paved the way for the eventual integration of College Basketball. But in the interim huge amounts of African American talent were precluded from playing in the so called “first tier” colleges of America. “Black Magic” focuses its attention on various African Americans in Basketball and uses them as a prism for exploring the not so distant era in American society.

You can be sure none of these African Americans nor any of their teammates, coaches or their many fans were able to look upon Basketball as “nothing but” Basketball. The REALITY of American society was all around them .

They saw it on the hardwood where they only played other Black players. EXCEPT IN SECRET. They saw it in the Stands which were almost completely filled with African Americans. And they sure as HELL saw it when the game was over and they left the “security” of the arena for the REAL World of the South.

Some of the African American Men in Question are: John McClendon, Clarence “Big House” Gaines, Cleo Hill, Earl “The Pearl” Monroe, former Temple Coach John Chaney, Bob “Butterbean” Love and Earl Lloyd. And others.

From the ESPN Website. ” In the 1940s John McLendon created the fast break and the four corners offense.. He also organized games in secret between his team at North Carolina College for Negroes and white schools.” Clarence Gaines ” a mentee of John McLendon, started coaching at Winston Salem State in 1946. He went on to win 828 games.”

Earl THE PEARL Monroe ” rose to prominence t the Division II level playing Basketball at Winston-Salem State University …. in 1967 he earned NCAA College Division Player of the Year and led the Rams to the NCAA College Division Championship.”

” The brilliant and angry John Chaney, schoolboy legend in Philadelphia, terrorized opponents at Bethune Cookman College in Daytona Beach, Florida during the early 1950s …. Chaney averaged more than 35 points a game.” Them there is Bob Love. Earl Lloyd and so many other with staring or support “roles” in BLACK MAGIC.

The REAL story with

all its many elements on

and more off the HARDwood

inside or OUTside the arenas

cannot be done JUSTICE

just in WORDS here in the Box

you must SEE for yourself


Sunday and Monday

to understand once


Sports and Life

are ONE and

the Same