Respectfully Disagreeing With Dr. Watkins

Updated: March 25, 2008


Dr. Boyce Watkins is

one of the most important

voices in the African American

community today so when he

makes an impassioned statement

offers guidance it is always

IMPORTANT Dr. Watkins in his recent mailing far and wide has HAD IT with the NCAA. Not for the first time certainly not. But more emphatically than ever before. He has now raised the B word and is calling for an NCAA BOYCOTT. To be more specific for Sports Fans to BOYCOTT March MADNESS. By which he means NOT watching the games especially NOT the commercial messages and basically ignoring March MADNESS.

Sadly Dr. Watkins is WRONG this time

for reasons big and small first let’s

hear from Dr. Watkins ….

” If you believe in fairness for these young men and women, I hope you will consider joining our coalition to boycott the NCAA and March Madness. If you love sports like me, then feel free to watch a game or two. Just keep your views to a minimum and avoid watching the commercials. This sounds silly, but it is my small effort to help us understand this complicated problem and to hopefully have some impact on the bottom-line of the NCAA.”

And this from Dr. W …

” I have seen in my 15 years teaching at universities with major athletics programs. As a finance professor, I find the financial problems of the NCAA to be borderline criminal. As an educator, I find the educational mission of the NCAA to be fraudulent. As a black man who has seen what the NCAA does to the black community, I find myself simply offended.”

Where to Begin …..

First of all Dr. Watkins you are howling at the Moon be it the NCAA with your call for a March MADNESS BOYCOTT. The other more than obvious point it is bit late in the “game” to be organizing a March MADNESS BOYCOTT. Even then you hedge telling your Coalition it is OK to watch some of the games just not too many. Do you really know anyone who watches ALL the games anyway ?? Get a Life !

Seriously ……

Dr. Watkins who cares if a few hundred even thousands say they are “boycotting” March MADNESS watching fewer games. Do you really think that is going to register anywhere. If anything it will be seen as an amusing farce by the NCAA and CBS. PROVING they have nothing to worry about. Stop spinning your wheels Dr. Watkins.

Let’s get REAL serious here

The NCAA needs to be confronted again and again and again. NO Justice NO Peace. Until the student athletes get a PIECE of the Action. Bite into that. We need LEADERS like yourself coming up with ever newer and more innovative and determined strategies for making life DIFFICULT for the NCAA. Taking the fun and ultimately the profit out of SCREWING student athletes. Your “boycott” won’t do that Dr. Watkins.

ever hear of constructive engagement

euphemism for swinging at them

with a big SMILE on your face

to keep public support

Granted any successful battle with the NCAA will be very very difficult as it has proven to be so far. POWER resides in the NCAA RICH alumni power JUDICIAL alumni judge power, money LOVING college administrator power, BROADCAST power and on and on. DUMB fan power those who let the NCAA piss all over them and keep cheering.

As difficult as it would be better that you establish a Website to BATTLE the NCAA and seek $5 and $10 contributions for ever more Court cases and for raising the awareness of student athletes and to convince them there is an alternative to getting SCREWED by the NCAA and the colleges they attend. BETTER even to raise $$$ to free you to go all over the country yourself gathering audiences to explain in detail just how UN-American the NCAA is and how it SCREWS student athletes again and again. For PROFIT !

Dr. Watkins telling people to

BOYCOTT watching March

MADNESS is comparable to

telling people to BOYCOTT

watching stories about the

Iraq invasion + occupation

as a way of ending that

MADNESS it won’t work


engagement will

do far better