‘Reformed’ Steraholic Dwain Chambers Center Stage Across The Pond

Updated: March 6, 2008


Dwain Chambers


Is Dwain Chambers proof you can return to Glory AFTER Steroids We may find out Friday in Europe. Here is the story. Since no doubt you are not familiar with it except of course our readers in Europe and England specifically. Dwain Chambers is a Black Briton and a Speedster Sprinter Chambers is.

Chambers was “convicted” of using Steroids in the past and he is BARRED from the Beijing Olympics this summer which as an aside might be a big blessing for him. He won’t have to put his health at risk competing in the most polluted environment in which Olympics by far has ever been held. And his conscience won’t have to both him for aiding and abetted the corrupt dictatorial brutal Chinese government.

Back to Dwain He will be competing in the World Indoor Championships in the blazing fast 60 metres. Don’t turn your head or you miss the race. This is Chambers “homecoming” after being barred for two years from competing after testing positive for tetrahydrogestrinone aka THG which produced very NEGATIVE results for Dwain that two year suspension.

But not so fast Since standards have become stricter among those in the Sport since then and many managers and promoters and others have decided against ever working with those caught cheating with Steroids. It is very unclear if Chambers is going to be getting any other invitations to Compete anywhere. He seems to be pinning his hopes vainly or not that a spectacular win in the 60 metres Friday night will wipe away his Critics.

To bring you up to speed on Dwain Chambers allow us to send you to Wikipedia once again ( thank God for Wikipedia when we’re rushed ) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dwain_Chambers The bottom line is Chambers was a young athlete with tremendous PROMISE before he got nabbed using Steroids. Now the Reality is no matter what he does those Steroids will haunt him for the rest of his Life, greatly diminish any prospects and never let him reach the heights he might. Fact is if any Sport is getting serious bout Steroids it is Track.

Too bad Baseball doesn’t have the same zero tolerance nor testing to match Track cause if it did Steroid Junkies like Bonds and Clemens would have been gone long ago for the Good of Sports

Dwain Chambers