One Man’s Campaign

By Eric D. Graham
Updated: March 26, 2008

NORTH CAROLINA — When is the NBA going to give the MVP award to Kobe Bryant? For the last three years, Dirk Nowitzki and Steve Nash have walked away with the trophy!!

Yes, for three years in a row a brother has not won the MVP Award.

I know you are shocked so grab your chest like Redd Foxx from the sitcom “Sanford & Son” and pretend that you are having a heart attack and scream.

“Elizabeth, I’m coming to join you honey but I can’t grab this MVP Trophy cause I got arthritis in my hand!! David Stern!! You… big dummy!!”

Now, I hear people talking about Chris Paul deserve the award? (What?) Or maybe they should give it Lebron James? (Come on, now).Others say Kevin Garnett should win it, but he has already won the award.

When are we going to give Kobe Bryant is props?

I mean, everybody knows Kobe Bryant is the BEST Player on the planet? You can find me in my local barber shop arguing until the midnight hour with everybody like a scene from Eddie Murphy’s “Coming from America” that Kobe Bryant is even better than Michael Jordan.

Yes. I said it. He is even better than Michael Jordan.

Honestly, Kobe’s game is flawlessly. He can dribble. He can shoot. He can dunk. He can hit the three. He can rebound. He even plays defense with a passion.

Let me repeat myself. He plays with a passion. Even the Charlotte Hornets have to admit they made a mistake trading the 17-year old high school superstar for Vlade Divac in 1996. Yes. Vlade Divac.

But Jerry West wasn’t that stupid, he traded Shaquille O’Neal to Miami but refused to let Kobe go!! Bryant is a two-time All-Star game MVP, has won three NBA Championships. He has even made the All- //<![CDATA[ //]]> Defensive Team seven times.

Let’s not forget his consecutive scoring titles as well as his unbelievable 81 points in one game against the Toronto Raptors on January 22, 2006.

Even Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton can agree that Kobe is over-qualified for the position and Geraldine Ferraro knows it’s not because he’s black.

With all that said, please give this year’s NBA MVP award to 10-time All-Star Kobe Bryant, because he truly deserves it.