Olympic Nightmare Should African Athletes Refuse To Go To Beijing

Updated: March 17, 2008


Talk about BIZARRE

there is NO doubt

these have already

become the most



Berlin 1936

And the 2008 Beijing Olympics are still 6 months away. As the philosopher Santana so famously said long ago ” those who do not learn the lessons of history will be forced to repeat them.” If there was ever a country since Nazi Germany that does NOT deserve to host the Olympic Games it is Communist China.

IF only Americans and the world had the common sense and the logic to boycott Hitler’s 1936 Olympics the world would not be forever shamed for having glorified the Nazi Regime. Hitler was able to use the Berlin Olympics to give credibility to his government not only they did not deserve but which weakened the Free World’s resolve to confront him.

Now we have China

Which needs to be told we CONDEMN its dictatorial government, its cultural genocide of Tibet and the endless violence against that state, it backing the Somalian Madmen who are and have been slaughtering Africans while China gives them Billions in oil revenues to continue the murderous rampage. Repressing its own Chinese People.

Now we have China

Which represses its own Peoples’ freedoms as much as any country on Earth. Where American companies are happily helping these Oppressors build an even more frightening, the most hi-tech surveillance system on the planet for monitoring its citizens every moves. There will soon be security cameras on every corner of every major city in China that will be able to recognize any Chinese by facial characteristics.

ALL Chinese phones line are always subject to wiretapping without any recourse. ALL Internet usage is monitored and thousands of Websites banned. Any Chinese who uses the Internet to petition for basic human rights is jailed. Hundreds of thousands some reports say millions of Chinese are imprisoned for simply criticizing the government even for nothing more than expressing their opinions on a variety of subjects.

Now we have China

With some of the worst pollution on Earth. So bad that in many major cities including Beijing there is a constant haze over the city that blocks the sky and makes their air particularly unhealthy to breath as China builds more and more electrical plants that burn dirty coal billowing into the atmosphere and where tens of thousands of new factories sprout up that have no pollution controls whatsoever. China which has completely unregulated industries exporting medical and other products responsible for growing death tolls.

Now we have China

Where the poverty of hundreds of millions of peasants who still try and live in the vast Chinese countryside live their lives in abject poverty with their meager lands regularly confiscated for gargantuan government projects. Or simply to transfer it to wealthy powerful Chinese industrialists who want to build on it for their own profit.

The latest outrage is the Chinese response to protests in Tibet the last few days in which deadly violence has been used to suppress the Tibetans call for basic human rights for themselves. Since invading Tibet in 1957 China has systematically tried to destroy every vestige of Tibetan society and of course forced the Dalai Lama their leader to become a refugee barred from the country he and his predecessors called home for generation after generation going back thousands of years Now the Chinese dictators have cut off YouTube to China to prevent Chinese from seeing videos of the recent slaughter of monks.

And what is the response to all this by Jacques Rogge

President of the International Olympic Committee

This is what Rogge says. “There have been absolutely no calls for a boycott, neither emanating from governments, and we have been very heartened by the position of the European Union and the major governments of the world who have all said almost unanimously that boycotts will not be a solution.”

What is the Solution Mr. Rogge

that we honor one of the most

repressive governments on Earth

having the Summer Olympics

in Beijing as though China is

a MODEL for the World and

that athletes should perform

ANYWHERE no matter what

is this the Olympic Spirit

the same Olympic Spirit that

led the World to Berlin in 1936

to validate Adolph Hitler and

his Nazi Regime which would

soon plunge the World into


Shame on our World

Shame on the United States

Shame on all the athletes who

agree to perform in Beijing

at the 2008 Summer Games