Oden Stands Alone

Updated: March 8, 2008


Greg Oden


Rumor is Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan are holed up in some secret location somewhere with a shit load of Black athletes until Presidential election is OVER of course It is UNTRUE again UNTRUE except that symbolically and allegorically nothing could be Truer. So where exactly does Reality end and Fiction begin. On a different allegorical level it’s surprising Woods and Jordan have not endorsed Hillary both Tiger and Michael share so many money grubbing insincere traits with the Clintons.

And then there is Greg Oden ALL HAIL GREG ODEN you can read his Obama endorsement http://www.yardbarker.com/nba/players/Greg_Oden/19978 Even more to the Point Oden’s ENDORSEMENT underlines in a big way a MAJOR problem with the ranks of successful African American athletes. Many of them turned in their Back Bones in return for $$$$$$ and not even because they were told to by the White Sports Establishment. Most of these Guys play DEFENSE when it comes to their personal live. Yes they all have Foundation to do “good” ladidadididi who cares.

In 90% of the cases its their manager or PR agent’s idea and many of the players have little or nothing to really do with them except make PUBLICITY appearances and get themselves some nice tax write-offs. BUT HERE IN THE REAL WORLD they are missing in action ALL the time. Whatever there is a Black Cause.

Even in the face of Hillary and Bill’s vicious and racist attacks on Barack Obama. They still keep their mouths SHUT. Imagine if we had a NORMAL world there would be a large number of professional African American athletes touring the country, drawing crowds and raising $$$$ for Obama for President. Instead Obama has Greg Oden and maybe Charles Barkley in his Corner and maybe nobody else in the Black Sports fraternity.

As we write Obama has just buried Clinton in the Wyoming caucus and he is poised for a BIG victory in Mississippion Tuesday. But the Clinton crew is the most cut throat bunch of well developed political hacks in politics. AND HILLARY PROVED as is always the case NEGATIVE politics works IF your opponent does not HIT back harder than he gets HIT. You can’t play Defense again nasty negative campaigning.

Which brings up to Pennsylvania late in April in 6 weeks Barack needs ALL the help he can get The Keystone Cops State is populated with many lower class economically beleaguered Whites which often translates into RACISM against African Americans worst of all a BLACK Presidential candidate. Even the Hillary loving Governor of Pennsylvania recently said as much as much as Clinton wish he hadn’t said so publicly.

The Point is Hillary is going to turn her edge in Pennsylvania into a big victory in the April 22nd Primary and use it to claim she deserves (sic) to be the Presidential nominee. Even more if she wins by a lopsided margin that could bag her a lot of Delegates and significantly narrow Obama’s lead in the Delegate count. He needs to MINIMIZE her win in Pennsylvania.

IF a whole group of well known Black athletes ALL decided to endorse Barack Obama and campaign for him that could make a difference blunting Hillary Clinton and the one who NEVER will who could do the Most Spineless Tiger Woods The Great “White” Hope sadly he’s NO Greg Oden

Tiger Woods